Coronavirus in Charlton: Please tell us what you are doing to help your neighbours

The spread of the coronavirus means this is starting to become a worrying time for everybody. We want to know what you are doing to help your neighbours.

We know there are people preparing to help their neighbours – setting up informal groups to pick up essentials and and run errands.

Nearly half of over-75s aren’t online at all. Even a third of 65 to 74-year-olds do not use the internet, according to Ofcom. So local networks have a big role to play.

You may be setting something up already – maybe on Facebook or NextDoor. But not all of your neighbours will be on those groups – especially as social media’s not a fun place to be at present. You could be missing out on people who could help out.

So if you know of or are setting up a group in Charlton, or that covers Charlton, please leave a comment below with contact details, and they’ll be added to this story. Or feel free to email us. Hopefully we can get you some more volunteers.

Groups/ people trying to co-ordinate volunteers:

Greenwich borough-wide: Greenwich Council has started taking details of volunteers

Greenwich borough-wide: A mutual aid group has been started on Facebook, with links to smaller groups in different areas.

Charlton Central Residents Association: (Delafield Road, Inverine Road, Swallowfield Road, Priolo Road, Wellington Gardens, Elliscombe Road, Priolo Road, Fossdene Road, Calydon Road, Sundorne Road, Frank Burton Close, Gollogoly Terrace) WhatsApp group

Valley Hill Hub (Charlton Lane, Thorntree Road, Pound Park Road, Wolfe Crescent) see its Facebook group for more

Charlton Parkside Community Hub (Flamsteed Road, Heathwood Gardens, Kinveachy Gardens, Little Heath, McCall Crescent, Maryon Road, Park Drive and Woodland Terrace) includes street-specific WhatsApp groups – see its Facebook group for more

Blackheath Standard: WhatsApp group

Woolwich: WhatsApp group

If you’re able to do something as an individual, these Viral Kindness postcards from Becky Wass could be a good way to start.

If you can get a group going, please let us know and we’ll spread the word. Thank you.