Comments policy

27 June 2017: Comments on this site have been mostly switched off as an experiment to see if anybody misses them. Thank you to those who have submitted considered comments over the years. We may reopen comments if a story would benefit from a right of reply or an opinion from somebody with experience of the topic. Suggest a topic also remains open.

When comments are open, here are the rules…

Please create a username for the site, and stick with it – it’s very difficult to follow anonymous comments.

We won’t tolerate comments that…

* are abusive
* contain ad-hominem attacks (“play the ball, not the man”)
* promote hate of any kind
* are obviously spam
* way off the point

If there’s something off-topic you’ve a burning desire to get off your chest, please visit the “suggest a topic” thread.

Comments on old posts – more than a couple of months old – may not appear if they don’t move the topic on.

We may also delete comments from “sockpuppets” – those who create multiple online identities. Thanks for your time, and play nicely.