About this site

What is the Charlton Champion?

The Charlton Champion is a local website for Charlton, south-east London.

It was founded in October 2010 as a response to the almost non-existent local media coverage of events in Charlton, and to highlight events in an area that’s frequently overlooked in favour of its larger neighbours.

Since launch we’ve covered a wide range of stories, events and campaigns; broken news and – we hope – shone a bit of light on what goes on behind the scenes in local politics.

The site featured in a 2015 Carnegie Trust case study of community news providers; read the report here for more on why we launched and what we’ve learnt in the process.

We’re here to celebrate what’s great about SE7, as well as discussing what’s not so great. We’re not here to boost people’s house prices – we’re here to tell you things you didn’t know and things you can do to help make this a better place.

Contribute to the Charlton Champion

We’d love to hear from a wider range of contributors: if you’ve news, or strong views about anything in Charlton (if it’s SE7, it’s in) or its immediate surrounds – whether it be an event, a review, a campaign, praise, an idea, a gripe, or a piece of local history – please feel free to comment or contribute.

You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook; or you can sign up to get each new post by email in the box on the right hand side of this page.

How can you help?

The Charlton Champion has no revenue stream or income (and – at the moment – no plans to do so), apart from a small experiment in including ads on stories.

So we rely on our readers to spread the word. You can help us by:

– telling your SE7 friends and neighbours about the site
– contributing (see above!)
– sharing our posts on Twitter, Facebook or your social network of choice
– leave a comment: let us know if you’ve found a post useful, interesting, or otherwise (we love to hear your feedback – but please bear in mind our comments policy!)
– let people know you found out about their event/service/campaign/story on the Charlton Champion.

It’s worth remembering this site is done in people’s spare time, so we don’t always have the time to go chasing up stories (and we can’t always respond to enquiries and comments as fast as we’d like) – we’re far more interested in what you can tell us…