Sing the Baby Blues with the Big Red Bus Club on Fridays

Baby Blues flyer

Annie’s been in touch to sing us a song…

You may already be aware that the British Journal of Psychiatry published a report on the benefits of singing in reducing the impact of post-natal depression.

We’ve picked up the baton. Our mums have designed the service that they want to tackle postnatal isolation and loneliness.

Together we take a positive whole family approach to good mental health. The Baby Blues Choir brings together a parent- led stay and play, post-natal peer help & support and of course free choir lessons.

One in eight mums live with post-natal depression and many more live with isolation and loneliness.

The Big Red Bus Club is a charitable family wellbeing centre, free to use and run by local people and families.

If you fancy singing your heart out, join the Big Red Bus Club each Friday from 10am to noon during term times.

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Big Red Bus Club becomes Charlton Sainsbury’s charity of the year

The Big Red Bus Club

The Big Red Bus Club, a volunteer-run playgroup used by 300 local families, has won the vote to become the charity of the year for the Charlton Sainsbury’s superstore.

The supermarket will now back the charity, which is based in the corner of Charlton Park, throughout the next year. Nationally, Sainsbury’s branches have raised £13 million since the scheme was launched in 2009.

In a nail-biting finish, The Big Red Bus Club beat its nearest competitor by just 14 votes in a poll conducted both in store and online.

The club runs activities and offers play-and-stay sessions for under-fives and their parents and carers.

Emily Frith, the administrator for the Charlton Mummies and Daddies Facebook group of over 1,000 local parents said: “I know how important it is to support local charities that work in our community and support my children. The Big Red Bus Club is a lovely place and run and led by local volunteers like me – just parents giving their time.”

Big Red Bus Club chair Sarah Smith added: “We run free daily stay and plays for local families with children under five. It’s hard to find free things to do, and that’s why Sainsbury’s support means so much to us. As a small local charity we hope that this year will be a great springboard for us to work with Sainsbury’s for the future.”

Co-op customers can also choose to help the Big Red Bus Club by choosing to back it in the chain’s membership scheme.

You can find out more about The Big Red Bus Club at