Cllr John Fahy’s Woolwich Riverside ward report, October 2017

Issues around the ‘missing link’ in the Thames Path near Warspite Road have been resolved and the link is to be opened in Spring 2018.

The Charlton Champion welcomes submissions of councillors’ reports from Charlton and the surrounding wards. Cllr John Fahy of Woolwich Riverside ward writes:

Woolwich Riverside Ward Report:

Please find an update on my activities over the period since the last newsletter. Meeting attendance has been limited due to a knee replacement in August. 

Meeting the needs of Greenwich Residents 

There was a time when August was regarded as a period of recess but lots of activity has been happening in the Town Hall. Top of the agenda and the most discussed policy issues relate to the decisions of the Planning Board and the impact these have on the lives of residents facing major housing needs.

I am pleased to see that this debate is now out in the open and a change of policy is required. It cannot be right that the shortage of housing based on a social rent is not being maximised in the Borough. Councillor responsibility is to the needs of our residents rather than the aspiration of developers to maximise their profit margin and develop housing for overseas speculators. 

A number of planning applications are in the pipeline that must be regarded as not meeting community aspirations.

Meyer Homes have now submitted their planning application for Woolwich Central Phases 3 and 4. The proposals include three new buildings (each between 9 and 16 Storeys in height). The proposals also include a twenty seven storey Tower Block in Love Lane directly in front of the Tesco Store. The Tower Block does not include any social housing. None at social rent. The proposal includes 20% of units in the new phases which is suggested as being affordable. Of course they will not be.

In addition the Island Site has received planning permission with proposals for housing, retail and a cinema. The amount of social housing is derisory. More importantly, in my view, a significant level of social housing is far more important than a cinema. Indeed a cinema is included in the Spray Street proposals.

The Herringham Road development is the other worrying proposal. The proposals for a 20 Storey Tower Block contrary to the Charlton Riverside Masterplan. Again the lack of social housing is self evident. It was encouraging to see how those attending the Public Exhibition spoke out in clear terms about the proposals.

There are challenging times ahead but the steps taken by Mayor Khan will help to influence a change of direction for the greater good of Londoners.

Thames Path Missing Link

Council Officers have been working for some time to find solutions to resolve. Solutions have now been found and work will late October. There will be two phases to complete the work and the missing link will open in the Spring of 2018.

Better Together:

Have your say about issues that concern you. The Woolwich / Charlton Meeting will take place at Charlton House on Wednesday 25th of October starting at 7.15pm.

Contact Details:

Mobile: 07949 794058


Cllr Gary Parker’s Charlton Ward Report: Summer 2017

Gary Parker

Charlton ward councillor Gary Parker brings us up to date with what he’s been doing in the local area and at the town hall.

As a Charlton ward councillor I have dealt with over 2,500 personal cases both at my surgery and on an informal basis, with many positive results. I have significant knowledge, skills and experience on many issues including, housing, noise and nuisance, employment, benefits, anti-social behaviour, education, air quality, council services and social care. Since I have been a councillor I have conducted over 400 surgeries at Charlton House and other locations. Myself and my co-councillors conduct a surgery every Friday on a rota basis at Charlton House, 7.00-8.00pm, no appointment is needed. Or you can email, call or tweet us.


Community & Environment – I have met local residents with regard to street
cleaning, environmental issues and anti-social behaviour in the Wellington Gardens/
Charlton Church Lane/ Floyd Road/ Victoria Way areas. I am continuing to monitor this

Air Pollution – I have been approached by local residents regarding a number of
issues related to air pollution and planning, I am currently researching these issues and will raise them at the appropriate level. I also asked a question on this issue at the last Regeneration Scrutiny panel in July. I continue to be concerned about the high levels of pollution in our area and I am working hard to raise these issues when I can and will continue to work with local groups and individuals.

Planning – I have been working with the Charlton Society, Charlton Central Residents Association and Wyndcliff Residents Association, and other local groups and individuals regarding a range of planning issues. I have raised a wide range of planning issues again on behalf of local residents. I have objected to a planning application in the Victoria Way area, which will now go to the planning board. I also attended the July meeting of the planning board.

I have also meet local residents regarding planning applications related to Fred Styles House and issues related to The Heights in the post-Grenfell environment. I am closely reviewing planning applications with regard to health and safety and air pollution issues.

Raised some issues about the impact of revalued business rates at the Labour Group [of Greenwich councillors]. This will also have an impact on small businesses/ retailers in Charlton. I am very concerned about the impact on local businesses. I am still following these up and will report on this at a future date.

Ward Budgets – Submitted a further ward budget project to officers for consideration and I am now pleased to say that the ward budget request from the Charlton Society for their events programme has now been agreed by myself and my co-councillors. I also gave advice to other groups wishing to apply – please contact myself or my co-councillors for advice on this.

Raised some issues about the impact of revalued business rates, at the Labour Group this will also impact on small businesses/ retailers in Charlton. I am very concerned about the impact on local businesses.

Attended a meeting with other councillors regarding the possibility of supporting a Charlton sign post in the Village.

I attended the July meeting of the Royal Greenwich Heritage Trust of which I am a

I attended the 95 th birthday party of Jean Crocombe, local resident, former teacher in
the area and Labour Party member – my best wishes to you Jean! and also engaged
with local residents present about issues of interest and listened to their views.


Still dealing with a large amount of planning and housing related casework. Raised a very large amount of planning related casework, which is ongoing. Attended all relevant surgeries and did some home visits too.


Attended main council meeting in July

Chaired Community Safety & Environment Scrutiny (CSE) Panel and attended Regeneration Scrutiny panel.

I also convened a meeting with council officers regarding the special meeting of the
CSE panel on anti-social behaviour in February 2018, more on this in the autumn.

Thanks to Gary for his report. If you’ve an issue to raise with him, please drop him a line via the council website: He’s also on Twitter: @CllrG2013.

Woolwich Riverside ward report: find out what Cllr John Fahy’s been up to

Charlton Riverside Masterplan: “Important to ensure that the principles of maximising employment opportunities, increase public transport provision and ensure that all attempts to build high rise developments are challenged.”

The Charlton Champion welcomes submissions of councillors’ reports from Charlton and the surrounding wards. Cllr John Fahy of Woolwich Riverside ward writes:

Councillor Fahy serves on three Scrutiny Panels including Healthier Communities and Adult Social Care, Corporate Finance and Performance, Regeneration, Transport and Culture. These meetings are open to the general public. The function of Scrutiny Panels is to hold the Executive to account. In recent times Charlton Central Residents Association provided some views on the consultation process currently in operation.

Community Engagement:

 During the period relating to this report I have attended:

  • Picnic In the Park in Maryon Park
  • Exhibition relating to the Baptist Church in Woolwich
  • Armed Forces Day at Woolwich Barracks
  • Ferryview Patients Forum
  • Citizens U.K. / Greenwich Free School Meeting 
  • Briefing on Housing Blocks Fire Safety
  • Local Government Association Annual Meeting in Birmingham
  • Woodlands Farm Open Day
  • Food Poverty Group
  • Colour of Light Performance in Woolwich
  • Woolwich Riverside Safer Neighbourhood Panel
  • Induction of Rector at St Thomas’s
  • Estates Regeneration Tour

Community Safety

Recent attendance at the Safer Neighbourhood Panel discussed the proposed changes to the Metropolitan Police Service, the Borough Commander would cover three Boroughs including Bexley, Greenwich and Lewisham. Reductions in police numbers would continue to impact in the way policing would function. Clearly worrying for all residents and I continue to voice concerns.

Housing Regeneration

Housing continues to cause the most concern across the Ward. Morris Walk Estate is currently being decanted to make way for the redevelopment of the area. Lovell is the developer and ASRA now PA following a merger will be the social housing provider. The importance of maximising the amount of social housing remains an issue in the Borough as it does elsewhere. I was recently involved in the Planning application of Berkeley Homes which was opposed by a significant number of residents who were faced with the prospect of serious overlooking into their front room. The proposal was agreed by Planning Board. The developer made a financial contribution to build social housing off site. Priority must be given to the needs of local residents in finding an affordable home and steps must be taken to significantly increase the number of social housing built. I will be working  closely with colleagues , the local community and amenity societies to seek changes to existing practises where profit over the needs of the community exists.

Cllr John Fahy


I have recently become a Trustee of the Royal Greenwich Trust School on Woolwich Road. Work is underway to expand this school and will help to maximise school places. Woodhill Primary has spearheaded the Multi Academy Trust and have joined with a number of other local schools. I will be reporting in detail on education issues in the Borough in the coming months. The fragmentation of schools is unlikely to help improve standards or support the family of local schools that have worked well in previous years. Greenwich Campaign for State Education is actively engaged on all of these issues and I attend their meetings on a regular basis.

Charlton Riverside

Charlton Riverside Masterplan has been agreed. However a number of developers have several acres of land in the area. Important to ensure that the principles of maximising employment opportunities, increase public transport provision and ensure that all attempts to build high rise developments are challenged.

Woolwich Town Centre 

Regeneration of the area remains a top priority. Woolwich Town Centre is in urgent need of significant investment. Although footfall is increasing, the level of spend remains a challenge. The shopping experience is limited at this point. However some projects are underway. The Spray Street development is making progress. We have a new hotel, future developments include a new leisure centre in the Town Centre, together with plans for the Tesco sites and the planning applications to be considered includes a number of housing developments. Happy to receive any ideas or suggestions you might have about the Town Centre. 

Please feel free to contact me should you want to raise issues of concern. Woolwich Riverside Councillors hold surgeries at the Town Hall every Friday from 6-7pm

Get in touch with Cllr John Fahy via the Greenwich Council website.