Cllr Gary Parker’s Charlton ward update: September 2016

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What do your local councillors do for you? Charlton ward councillor Gary Parker explains what he’s been up to in recent months.

This report details some of the activities I have been involved in as a councillor in the Charlton area. It does not include surgeries or case work, which is significant.

Charlton community

    • I attended a Greenwich University event on workers’ cooperatives and social enterprises in June. I am keen to promote more activity in this area linked to these structures.
    • Attended and spoke at two meetings on the EU Referendum at Greenwich University and Charlton House, I strongly supported the Remain campaign.
    • I was the main guest speaker at the Big Red Bus Club AGM in Charlton at the end of May.
    • I met co-councillors to review ward budget applications. Several have already been authorised including Thorntree School PTA and Greenwich Foodbank.
    • Met a Nepalese community group to discuss some of their concerns.
    • Held a meeting with Greenwich Carers at their centre in Charlton about a range of issues, in June – this is a great local facility and should be supported.
    • Held discussions with local groups and individuals on a range of planning issues and made submissions on various other planning issues, met with planning officers on some of these issues too.
    • Held discussions on the planned skateboard park with pro and anti- lobby groups and individuals during June to August 2016. (Charlton Champion note: Planners will come to a final decision on this on Wednesday evening.)


  • Met cabinet member Cllr Sizwe James to discuss support for small businesses in the area and in the wider Greenwich area.


  • Attended all surgeries on a rota basis with other colleagues in the last quarter.
  • Attended full council meetings on June 29th and July 27th.
  • Attended Regeneration Scrutiny panel meeting on 21st July and raised issues relating to planning and development.
  • Chaired Council Scrutiny Community Safety and Environment panel on 20th June and 28th July.
  • We are going to have a review of Parks and Open Spaces policy and issue in the Royal Borough of Greenwich at a special meeting of the Community Safety and Environment panel in January 2017, this is open to the public. We are particularly wanting to hear from young people on these issues, please contact me for further details. I met council officers to discuss the format of the meeting in August.

Other meetings and discussions

  • Charlton Riverside stakeholders’ forum – in June 2016 at Charlton House to discuss issues related to the 30-year development programme. This is a public meeting and further meetings will take place in due course.
  • Affordable Homes working group – attended on 7th July, this was a joint meeting of council scrutiny panels who are looking at this issue.
  • Met with chief executive of Royal Greenwich Heritage Trust to brief her on how to generate external funding for the trust and other potential income generation opportunities, in August.
  • I have been in contact with Charlton Community Gardens in August, about their Orchard project, I really like this group, which is a fantastic volunteer led project that I and others are trying to support.
  • Held preliminary discussions in August on the forthcoming launch of the new Transport For Charlton group, which is emerging from the old Charlton Rail User Group (CRUG), which wants to focus on other modes of transport too, include buses, road, rail and cycling. More details soon.

If you want to contact Gary Parker or any Greenwich councillor, find their details on the Greenwich Council website.

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  1. MiceElf September 16, 2016 / 12:03

    Well done to this Councillor. If only all of them made an effort to communicate with their constuents like this.

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