Horn Fair 2018: Charlton House needs you

Charlton House

Royal Greenwich Heritage Trust is looking for people to get involved with this year’s Horn Fair – taking place on Sunday 14th October, which will be themed around the 100-year anniversary of Charlton House opening as a World War I voluntary aid detachment hospital in 1918.

You can get in touch with the trust by email at office[@]rght.org.uk or by telephone on 020 8856 3951.

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Charlton’s Horn Fair returns to Charlton House on Sunday

Horn Fair at Charlton House

Charlton House hosts its Horn Fair on Sunday 15 October from 10am to 4pm.

It might not be the riotous, drunken event of Horn Fairs past, but it does promise a range of family-friendly activities, cream teas, market stalls, children’s music lessons, and “Hogarth’s 1751 pub selling gin and beer” – plus live music and balloon entertainment.

There’s a Facebook event for the Horn Fair here, and you can follow Charlton House on Twitter here.

Charlton’s Horn Fair returns this Sunday 

Charlton’s Horn Fairbanned for an excess of drunken behaviour in 1874 – is back for a second year in its new guise as a family-friendly, heritage-themed event run by Royal Greenwich Heritage Trust.

Taking place at Charlton House on Sunday October 16th from 10am-4pm, the event promises: “…a day for all ages. With activities from Stone Masonry by the Building Crafts College, plaster workshops from Philip Gaches, and our very own WWI Nurse Ivy and Devoted Frank. Amongst all the music and revelry of the day come along and enjoy our range of short talks, food and drink treats, and lots of children’s activities that are on offer”.

Are you going to the Horn Fayre? Or the Horn Fair? Or both?

There’s not much confirmed online yet, but it looks like Charlton could be enjoying two Horn Fairs this year.

A ‘Horn Fayre’ in Charlton Park on Sunday July 27th:

The Horn Fayre - Charlton Park

And a ‘Horn Fair’ in Hornfair Park on Sunday August 3rd:

The Horn Fair - Hornfair Park

Neither are listed on the council’s events page yet, though the latter event is included on the Parksfest 2014 website (and seems to be supported by GLL, suggesting that there’s a link with the various leisure activities that they run in Hornfair Park). We’ve asked the council to clarify the situation via Twitter, and they’ve promised to get back to us:

If both are going ahead, it seems a little strange to be running similar events in adjacent parks on consecutive weekends, but perhaps this finally resolves the issue of how you spell ‘Horn Fair’: a different spelling for each park…We look forward to finding out more as information becomes available (on which subject, the organisers could learn a lot from the – volunteer – team behind this coming weekend’s Plumstead’s Make Merry). If you’ve got more information about either event, please get in touch!

UPDATE: After some confusion, the council Twitter feed has confirmed that both events are going ahead:

UPDATE 17th JUNE: Charlton House’s website has a bit more info on the Horn Fayre now: http://charlton-house.org/whats-on/event/42/horn-fayre

Charlton Horn Fayre – Sunday July 28th

Charlton Horn Fayre banner
Charlton Horn Fayre photo by Nikki Coates

The Horn Fayre takes  place at Charlton House this Sunday, 11am – 4pm, and promises “traditional children’s rides and races, dog show, beer tent, music, food and much more”.

It is a shame that this year’s event has seen so little publicity, but we’re told that it was nearly cancelled (due to a clash with the Armed Forces Day event), so perhaps should be grateful that it’s taking place at all. It is to be hoped that the plans to include Charlton House in a new borough-wide Heritage Trust will give future Horn Fayre events a boost

Speaking of Charlton House, it appears that their website has been refreshed. It looks like a work in progress at the moment,  but given that there was practically no information about the Horn Fayre online until the last couple of days – and the old website hadn’t been updated this year – this looks like a positive development.

Enjoy the Horn Fayre if you’re going, and tell us what you thought of it in the comments below!