Charlton Park is getting cash to improve it – help decide where it’s spent

Charlton Park
Where would you spend money to improve Charlton Park?

Last October we reported that Charlton Park had received a share of a £1 million Greenwich Council fund to improve local parks.

The cash is due to go to:

  • Modernise, repair and redecorate the sports changing rooms
  • Improve the playground
  • Help create the wildlife meadow
  • Various repairs: footpaths, benches, bins, the boundary wall, repainting gates and railings
  • New signage at the car park entrance
  • Marked and measured route markers

The Friends of Charlton Park is asking for your views on where the money should be spent. The group says: “Green spaces should be for everyone, so let us know what would tempt you outside! For example, better lighting in winter may help people who are concerned about safety to feel comfortable spending time outside even after it gets dark around 4pm.”

When the council asked for suggestions last year, the suggestions for Charlton Park included additional toilets and maintenance as well as picnic area improvements, more bins and floodlights in the skatepark.

To find out how to have your say, visit The Friends of Charlton Park.


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Parksfest 2019 in Charlton Park: What did you think?

Inclement weather was nowhere to be seen for Saturday’s Parksfest, with attendees soaking up the sun all afternoon. Face painting, drumming and skating were on offer – plus plenty of cake at the Great Charlton Cake Off stall.

Musical entertainment was provided by The Big Red Bus Club’s Baby Blues Choir, DJ Mikee C, Central Vibe and Ronnie Ripple and the RipChords, before Glenn Tilbrook closed the day’s events with a Squeeze filled set.

Saturday’s event was part of a wider series of Parksfest events run across Greenwich borough, and there are many more to come. Check out the Parksfest calendar for further details, and keep scrolling to see more from Saturday afternoon.

The skate park saw plenty of action…

The face-painting saw long queues….

And then there was the Great Charlton Cake Off….

You could try your luck on the wheel of fortune, or play crazy curling and basketball…

Ronnie Ripple & The RipChords played…

as did Glenn Tilbrook!

And here’s Glenn with his son Leon performing Squeeze’s Take Me, I’m Yours.

Now it’s all over, the Friends of Charlton Park team would like to know what you thought of the event. Please drop them a line at friendscharltonpark[at], or leave a comment below.


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Want to help Charlton Park skate park get lights? Here’s how

Charlton skate park
The Friends of Charlton Park wants to see the skate park lit on winter evenings (photo: Neil Clasper)

Last month, we reported how Greenwich Council says it can’t afford to pay for lighting around the skate park and gym in Charlton Park.

The Friends of Charlton Park aren’t giving up, though – and are looking to get funding from elsewhere. If you’re a regular visitor to Charlton Park in the afternoon or evening, you can help them.

If you pass the skate park and gym between 3pm and 9pm, keep an eye out for how many people are using them – and please fill in this form.

The friends group hopes to be able to demonstrate what should be blindingly obvious – but needs underlining to people who can give money – which is that more people use the skate park and gym when there is light.

Want to help the Friends of Charlton Park put on Parksfest?

The group is also putting on a Parksfest festival around the skate park on Saturday 22 June – if you want to help raise money for it, there’s a Curryoke event on Saturday 16 March at 8pm at Cattleya on Charlton Church Lane. Tickets £25 are email elizabethrj001[at] for details.

Curryoke flyer

And if you can spare some time to volunteer on the day of Parksfest itself, feel free to drop the group a line too.


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