Charlton Church Lane newsagent applies to become a fried chicken shop

Charlton News
Work started last year on the conversion

The owner of a closed newsagent shop on Charlton Church Lane is applying to Greenwich Council to convert the premises into a fried chicken takeaway.

Work began last year on converting the Charlton News shop, separating access to the upstairs flat from the retail area, but the council has only recently received a planning application for the work, along with a second application for an illuminated sign.

According to the planning application for the premises, which is next door to the Valley Cafe: “The client would like to convert this into a Fried Chicken shop with the opportunity for customers to takeaway or eat and drink inside and outside. The access to upstairs flat will be separated.

“The Ground floor shop area is small and will not have any major refurbishment done
other than equipment.

“The Café area will have a main serving area, with seating for approximately 16
customers. There will be a warm display cabinet for the hot food. 8 additional
seating area outside is also proposed.

“The kitchen are at the rear of the shop will be very simple with frying stations and grill all appliances will be electric. Extraction fans will be installed with grease filters to extract the heat from the kitchen area.

“The duct will exit out the rear wall and across the storage area roof and up above the roof eaves level. This will be done according to manufacturer’s specification and Building Regulations. Similar to the next door café (No 20) ductwork avoiding all windows on top foor. Downstairs flat is part of the shop where the staff will be living.

“The ceiling will be sound proofed and have 2hr fire protection. The party wall between shop and the residential access to Flat above to have 2 hr fire protection and sound proofed.

“There will be highly efficient low energy lighting installed throughout the floor. Externally the front will be refurbished and the sign will be changed with LED letters
signage similar to Charlton Kebab opposite the proposed shop.

“Internal finish will be tiled floors with light coloured paint to eating and serving areas.”

There are already a number of takeaways in the area along with a long-closed kebab shop opposite, while anti-social behaviour has long been a problem in the immediate area.

Fossdene Primary School is just 400 metres from the proposed takeaway – London mayor Sadiq Khan has proposed new planning rules banning takeaways from within 400 metres of schools.

The proposal also highlights the lack of any formal planning policy for the area around Charlton Church Lane – something highlighted on this website three years ago – which is blighted by poor public realm.

To see more and comment on the proposal, head to the Greenwich Council planning search and look for reference 18/0322/F (and 18/0522/A for the illuminated sign).

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