Fire on Charlton Church Lane

Dramatic scenes on Charlton Church Lane last night, as at around 9pm fire broke out at the Fresh Fry Fish Bar. I was in the Cattleya Restaurant next door when we suddenly smelt a pretty acrid burning smell and could hear shouting outside. As we stepped out of the restaurant, black smoke was billowing out of the chip shop and the staff were only just making their way out. By this point it was impossible to see into the chip shop at all, as it was completely consumed by smoke.

While they didn’t have that far to come, the fire brigade still reached the scene incredibly quickly. Five engines made the scene, and while the shop was fully checked out, it thankfully appeared that everyone had managed to escape in time.

A word of thanks to Cattleya, who kept their patrons informed of what was going on, and once it was clear that we wouldn’t have access to the restaurant for some time, waived our bill, and would not accept any payment at all. Brilliant customer service from them, especially while their business was at risk of damage from the fire.

Here are a couple of shots of the fire. You’ll see why I won’t be pursuing a career in photojournalism…

Here’s one from me:

Fire at Charlton Church Lane

And here’s one from @slaponthebutton:

Fire at Charlton Church Lane

3 thoughts on “Fire on Charlton Church Lane

  1. Chris December 13, 2010 / 13:00

    Oh no!

    I trust the staff are okay, very friendly father and daughter combination and great grub there.

    Hope they’re back up and running soon.

    Good on Cattleya as well.

  2. slaponthebutton December 13, 2010 / 14:25

    They came out unscathed, although understandably very shaken!

    Fingers crossed the damage was minimal and they can get back on their feet swiftly.

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