Chop chop! One-hour Sainsbury’s deliveries come to Charlton

Sainsbury's Charlton Riverside
You can beat the queues at Sainsbury’s… at a cost

Living near a load of supermarkets has its downsides – litter, dumped trolleys, rat-running – but if you live within about three kilometres of Sainsbury’s at Charlton Riverside, the store giant wants to make your life a little easier.

The store is now offering one-hour deliveries through the Sainsbury’s Chop Chop app – select up to 20 goods, and they should come to you within an hour. The scheme has been trialled with bicycles in the Southwark area – we wait to see whether Sainsbury’s staff will be puffing up Charlton Church Lane with your last-minute shopping, or dicing it on the Woolwich Road.

This all comes at a cost – delivery is £4.99, so competitive with taking a minicab, although there are some opening offers; your first order is free if it’s over £15. Watch for the price of goods too – our keen-eyed Charlton Champion consumer expert has noticed some goods are more expensive (1.25 litres of Coke Zero currently £1 in store, £1.15 on the app).

Of course, you could walk to the store and get a bit of exercise – but if you’re in a hurry, or it’s raining, this could come in very handy if you’re happy to pay extra.

Three kilometres takes in Greenwich and Woolwich town centres and Blackheath Village, so there’s bound to be a lot of demand. We haven’t tried it yet, but we’d be interested to hear from readers who have – the comments are open. You can download the app at


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2 thoughts on “Chop chop! One-hour Sainsbury’s deliveries come to Charlton

  1. Alan Burkitt-Gray May 22, 2020 / 18:20

    Not a happy first experience. Got an email from Sainsbury’s on Wednesday so I decided to try it out. Bloke turned up on a scooter a couple of hours later with bags labelled Selby; it took some time to persuade him I wasn’t Selby, even though he had my name correctly on his terminal.

    He said he’d go back and get the right stuff. Having heard nothing, I spent half an hour on the phone to the call centre, most of which time was the person at the call centre waiting for someone in Charlton to pick up the phone. Eventually they told her they’d get the right order to me,

    Didn’t happen,

    Thursday morning I spent a further half hour while a different call centre person waited for Charlton to pick up the phone. They told her they’d get the right order to me later on Thursday.

    Didn’t happen. Didn’t happen on Friday either, so I’ve just recounted the whole story to a third call centre person, who’s giving me a full refund.

    Try it, but don’t rely on it for tonight’s dinner; it might never arrive.

  2. Alan Burkitt-Gray May 22, 2020 / 18:23

    Can I add that we NEED such a service, as deliveries are hard to get from the regular Sainsbury’s van. My wife and I are 73 and 69 and for health reasons we don’t want to go to a supermarket (and like most Londoners we don’t have a car).

    I thought this was a wonderful idea. Will take some persuading to use it again.

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