Charlton’s Thames Path set to have its ‘missing link’ plugged


It’s been a very long time in coming, but walkers and cyclists could soon be able to use the Thames Path uninterrupted between Charlton and Woolwich – with plans to build a new path over the riverfront.

Currently, the Thames Path from central London stops dead at the Thames Barrier, with anyone wanting to continue eastwards having to continue via the busy Woolwich Road before walking through the King Henry’s Wharf housing development.

Westminster Industrial Estate

During the week, walkers in the know can sneak through an unsigned shortcut through the Westminster Industrial Estate – but these barriers prevent cyclists from using it.

Plans to plug the gap were first revealed in September, at Greenwich Council’s first “cycling forum”, after negotiations with landowners. Now they’re slowly starting to become reality, with one phase having already received planning permission, and another currently in the planning process.

The TfL-funded scheme is particularly good news for the enormous creative arts hub Second Floor Arts, as the new route will run right past its entrance. Greenwich hopes it will be complete by April 2017.

Heading from east to west… (apologies for the duff photos, which are of a display board at the cycle forum event).

Warspite Road

Phase 1 is currently going through the planning process (see application 15/3519/F), and consists of a ramp from Warspite Road which will then sit on top of the riverfront, taking the route round to the existing Thames Path at King Henry’s Wharf. Or, strictly speaking: “Construction of combined footway / cycleway bridge, a 1.4m high pedestrian parapet with lighting incorporated into the parapet posts, erection of a wooden fender structure in the foreshore area.” Comments on this need to be with the council by 29 December.


Phase 2 already has planning permission (see application 15/2972/F). It consists of a ramp between Unity Way, the street that leads to the Thames Barrier visitor centre, and Bowater Road, inside the Westminster Industrial Estate. This means there’ll still be a diversion away from the river (and the deteriorating Mersey ferry Royal Iris, moored here) but nowhere near as long and inconvenient as the current scheme. Greenwich hopes to start work on this before April.

Greenwich has a newsletter for people interested in cycling infrastructure in the borough – email cycling-strategy[at] and ask to be put on its list.

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4 thoughts on “Charlton’s Thames Path set to have its ‘missing link’ plugged

  1. SpoonTaneous December 10, 2015 / 16:14

    That’s really good news, thanks for sharing. It will also be great to have direct access to the 2nd floor studios from the river front. Now we just need a bicycle and pedestrian friendly link between Charlton and the river front. The current set up at Charlton Church Lane/ Woolwich Road/ Anchor & Hope Lane is atrocious specially for pedestrians and bicycles (I’ve been run over once so far!!)

  2. awjreynolds December 31, 2015 / 09:57

    Just a quick thought. Is this expected to be quite a busy area? If so, would it be possible to segregate cycling and walking? If you can get the path wide enough (4m) you can achieve this.

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