White Swan: Plans for new homes behind pub refused

Mendoza homes on White Swan land
Mendoza’s plans for homes behind the White Swan pub

Thanks to the Charlton Society for news that plans to build homes behind the White Swan pub in Charlton Village have been refused by Greenwich Council planners.

The freeholder of the land, property developer Mendoza, had wanted to build two three-bedroom houses on part of the beer garden and vacant land behind the pub, which has seen a remarkable revival since being reopened by the team behind Greenwich’s Pelton Arms in September.

Mendoza’s proposals were refused by the council’s planning department without going to a planning committee. It’s likely they’ll return with an altered plan, as the company specialises in taking pubs and converting some or all of the space into residential accommodation.

The White Swan isn’t the only Charlton pub in developers’ spotlight right now – an application to build 11 flats and a gym around the Antigallican on Woolwich Road is being consulted on by Greenwich Council (reference 15/2272/F). Comments need to be received by the council by Tuesday 8 December.

4 thoughts on “White Swan: Plans for new homes behind pub refused

  1. Spoontaneous December 4, 2015 / 17:01

    The Antigallican is in a lovely building. I hope they manage to retain part of the pub. They have applied to make 17 bicycle spaces which is good. On the application it mentions that they seek to convert ‘part of the pub’ Maybe that means they seek to retain the pub but making it smaller?

  2. Hendrik December 5, 2015 / 00:56

    I am actually glad they refused these plans as it brings more people to the area which means more traffic, more everything. In the end the village which we have now will be forgotten as all businesses will be replaced by more housing. I agree not to reduced business properties sizes and are very pro for small businesses as they try to make a living to feed their family and try not to support the big giants as they just want to make a profit in every aspect to have that luxury car or yacht or second or 7th house somewhere in the world and go on that extravagaza holiday we only dream about which we ended up paying. Go build on the outskirts of london where you can do what you want not in our village where the history and small businesses suffers trying to make money. The pub is a great thing in the area and in summer the garden could be great for family outings and picnics etc.

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