Charlton House Open House

Charlton House Old Library
Charlton House Old Library

Open House London weekend is rolling around again, and Charlton House is opening its doors for the public to have a nose around on Sunday 21st September, 10am to 4pm. More details can be found on the Open House London website. This will be the first Open House weekend since Charlton House and related assets were transferred to Royal Greenwich Heritage Trust – hopefully the new Trust will take the opportunity to explain to visitors what it all means for Charlton House’s future.

The full list of participating properties across the borough can be found here.

(PS. There’s nothing about this event on yet, but perhaps it’ll be updated once Charlton House returns from its long weekend in Woolwich).

Charlton House, Open House

Charlton House
Charlton House

There’s only one SE7 property in this year’s Open House London event: Charlton House will be opening its doors for tours on Sunday 22nd September. Areas open to the public will include the Minstrel Hall, Long Gallery, Grand Salon, White Room, Newton, Prince Henry & Dutch Rooms, Old Library, and the grounds. It will be open 10am-4pm, and entry is free.

Full information (including a detailed factsheet about Charlton House’s history and features) is on the Open House London website here.

UPDATE St. Luke’s Church will also be open 10am-4pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Open houses and a closing lido

This weekend is Open House weekend across London (but not Croydon); has taken a look at what’s open across the Borough, but on a more hyperlocal level the nearest attractions included in the Open House programme are:
tours of Charlton House on Sunday, 10am-4pm
Thames Barrier (though it’s a bit unclear what’s different from a normal weekend there, apart from the ‘special display’; if you can work it out, let us know in the comments below).
So, slightly slim-pickings for SE7; but where else would you like to see involved in Open House in our neighbourhood?

Also, there’s only two more weekends of swimming at Charlton Lido before it closes for further refurbishment. It’s worth noting that as of this week they’re running a reduced programme: closed Tuesdays and Thursdays, and shortened evening hours on other days. The full timetable is here: The second phase of redevelopment should see the addition of gym facilities, a new cafe, and indoor changing rooms, and is schedule to be ready for Easter 2012.

The re-opened lido seems to have been a great success to date, witth queues out of the door on sunny days. Have you been using the lido? If so, let us know where you plan to swim once it closes.