Secure cycle parking coming to two Charlton streets

Cycle hangar in Combedale Road
A cycle hangar in Combedale Road, Greenwich

Residents in Eastcombe Avenue and Sandtoft Road are to get secure cycle parking spaces after residents asked Greenwich Council to install them.

The town hall is putting the lockable cycle hangars in place after it won £120,000 in funding from Transport for London last year. In total, 13 different locations around the borough – mostly in Greenwich itself – will get the hangars, while new cycle racks will be installed in Greenwich South Street in place of car parking.

Nine residents wrote to Greenwich Council to complain about the proposal, stating that neither they nor their neighbours cycled. Other residents complained about a lack of car parking space in general. However, the council received 28 separate requests for secure cycle parking in the area.

The hangars will take up the space of half a parking bay.

"I have just received notice of your intention to provide cycle hangers in Eastcombe Avenue, Sandtoft Road and Bramshot Avenue. I have to inform you that this is an area of terraced houses with no offstreet parking. It is sufficiently close to Westcombe Park railway station and the shops at the Royal Standard, and has no parking restrictions. This ensures that locals have increasing difficulty finding anywhere to park as any vacant spaces are quickly taken by shoppers and commuters. Many of our residents have more than one car and a lot seem daft enough to lease enormous SUVs. I am 70 and drive a tiny low emission citroen c1. If I want to go shopping, I have apoplexy every time I return and am unable to park my tiny car among the chancers who have taken spaces for their Porsche SUVs, Land Rovers and other imitation tank-like vehicles. This is the most foolish idea anyone has come up with. It reeks of neo-nazi exercise fanatics in their prime. Will these cyclists give up their leasehold SUVs in order to free up the space needed. This is a supreme example of councillors having no idea about the area they represent and being committed to politically correct trendyism and head in the clouds strategic psychosis. I insist that you scrap this silly idea immediately."
Some residents were not keen (click to expand)

The wider area may soon see more changes to car parking as the council is assessing responses to a consultation into whether parking permits should be introduced.

Work on the hangars will start as soon as possible, the council says in documents published on its website.

Residents who would like secure cycle parking on their street should contact Greenwich Council – its officers usually act when three separate households have asked for a hangar.

Another cycle hangar
Another cycle hangar in Coleraine Road, Blackheath, close to Westcombe Park station

Meanwhile, residents are still waiting to see what action Greenwich Council will take to make cycling and walking easier during the coronavirus crisis. At the weekend, council leader Danny Thorpe insisted that plans were in hand to open up streets to people on two wheels and two feet and close roads to rat-runners – however, it remains to be seen whether any of the schemes will tackle notorious trouble spots in Charlton such as Eastcombe Avenue and Victoria Way.

In addition, work on a 20mph zone through Charlton Village had begun at the start of the crisis, but stoped a few days into the lockdown.


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Parking permit petition launched for Eastcombe Avenue and Victoria Way

Charlton free parking sign
Parking is currently free in the streets adjoining Eastcombe Avenue

Is parking a problem for you in Eastcombe Avenue or the neighbouring streets? DI GAINES has been in touch about a petition that she and residents in the local area are organising, asking Greenwich Council to introduce a parking permit scheme in the surrounding streets.

The group are door-knocking for signatures at the moment and say they have around 100 signatures already. You can download a copy of the petition here. The petition will be presented to the the full council meeting on Wednesday March 27th by Charlton ward councillor Linda Perks. Here’s what the petition organisers have to say:

Action is needed now and we have formed a residents group to petition the Council to obtain residents’ parking in the current free parking areas from Victoria Way, Eastcombe Avenue, Wyndcliff Road and adjoining roads.

With commuter and school parking we now have the issue of contractors parking for the Victoria Way development. This will only get worse and when the flats are occupied we will have the issue of where they are going to park.

We are one of the few areas in Greenwich borough without residents’ parking and although it is mainly one end of Eastcombe Avenue, Wyndcliff Road and Victoria Way that is currently affected we do not want to “push” the problem further into other roads and that is why we are campaigning for the whole area to have permits.

Permits are not expensive, currently £70 a year and visitors permits are easily obtainable. This works our roughly £1.35 per week, a cost we feel justified for piece of mind

It appears that the only consultation currently proposed by the Council is to existing permit holders. So we are taking action to present this petition at the next full council meeting on 27 March.

We are campaigning in the area but if we miss you and you would like to sign the petition or have any questions please email Permitsforus[at]

Thank you for your support

Has has parking got worse in your street recently? Do you think a permit scheme is the answer? If you live in an area with a parking permit scheme in place, does it work? Let us know in the comments below.


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