Do you have the broadband you need in Charlton? Greenwich Council would like to know

Recent broadband speed test results for Charlton, taken from

Keen readers of the council’s Greenwich Time paper will have spotted that this week’s front page story was about how the council has given permission for a start-up company to trial its grocery-delivering robots in Thamesmead. This is the latest announcement under its Smart City strategy, and the publicity has played heavily on futuristic self-driving cars and robots.

There’s a lot more to the Smart City strategy that the council published last year than that, though, which is worth a read if technology infrastructure and planning is your thing.  The document spends very little time talking about shopping robots and concentrates more on whether Greenwich borough will have the right digital infrastructure for the future, along with whether the council can make more use of open data and internet-enabled sensors on council premises.

You might have missed, meanwhile, that the council would like to know more about your experience of using broadband services in the borough.

There’s a survey here, open until April 23rd, and it’s probably in the long-term interests of anyone struggling with connectivity to fill it in so that the scale of any problems are known.

Back in 2013, we reported that Charlton was supposed to have London’s fastest broadband – is that still right? How is your internet connection? Do you run a business dependent on internet connection or work from home in Charlton and how do you get on? What would you tell the council about the digital future that it hasn’t asked?


Charlton: home of London’s fastest broadband?


The Guardian this week highlighted a report on the postcode lottery of broadband speeds across London, with some suburbs having notably better service than areas in central London. The report claims that the fastest average download speeds to be found across London are actually in Charlton. Anecdotal evidence suggests, however, that there’s a wide range of speeds even within our postcode.

So what’s your experience of broadband in SE7? Good, bad or indifferent? Have you any tips for improving your broadband speed? Let us know in the comments below, and maybe we’ll get an idea of which broadband providers are serving Charlton best.