It’s an asset – Greenwich Council acts on Charlton’s White Swan

White Swan, Charlton, 12 December 2013/ Nikki Coates

The White Swan pub in Charlton Village has been declared an asset of community value by Greenwich Council after a successful application by the Charlton Society.

It means if the building is sold for development, the local community will be asked if it wishes to put together a bid. If it does, then the sale will be put on hold for six months to allow a bid to be put together.

The pub’s currently on the market, but the designation will encourage owner Punch Taverns to sell it as a going concern, rather than as a site for development.

Now the Charlton Society’s looking to repeat the process for the village’s other pub, the Bugle Horn.

“We’re delighted to see the ACV application be granted,” the society’s Andy Donkin told this website. “It’s vital that Charlton keeps two thriving pubs at the centre of the village.”

The pub’s recently reopened, although things still aren’t ideal – when a Charlton Champion drinking party popped in last Thursday, it was told that only Fosters was on offer.

But with a Facebook group dedicated to its future topping 200 members, hopefully better days lie ahead for the White Swan – so long as it can find a sympathetic buyer. Who will step forward?

Two pubs in Plumstead, the Star and the Plume of Feathers, were given ACV status by Greenwich last month, while another Punch pub, the Dutch House, near Horn Park, has also joined the Swan on the list.


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3 Responses to It’s an asset – Greenwich Council acts on Charlton’s White Swan

  1. Good to see a local council acting like this. So many pubs are going that a quality local like the White Swan should be viable.

  2. Inde says:

    Good work by the Charlton Society! Although it does ask questions as to why our council would otherwise have sat by and watched village assets get sold off to developers? I would hope the council do not let this happen and put in place a proactive strategy to redevelop the village as a community hub.

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