Meet the candidates: hustings for Charlton and Riverside wards

CharltonHustings_Poster_v4Local council elections will soon be upon us – they’re due to take place on the 22nd May – and now Charlton residents will have the opportunity to put questions to the candidates at two hustings for the Charlton and Riverside wards organised by the Charlton Society. Do you have questions for local candidates about how they’re going to make a difference in Charlton? Do you want to ask the parties what their priorities are?  This is your chance to make your voice heard.  All candidates for election have been invited to join the panel, and these events should be a good opportunity to understand more about the people that hope to represent us.  The Charlton Society write:

RiversideHustings_Poster_v2Please come along and hear what our prospective councillors have to say about the vital local issues facing our area in the next four years.

Each of the parties will make a brief opening statement, followed by questions from the floor.  These are free events supported by the Charlton Society and St Thomas Church.  All welcome.

  “These are the first ever Hustings to take place in Charlton and Woolwich Riverside.  We’re breaking new ground.  We anticipate that these will be two interesting and exciting evenings of debate on the future of our communities and the area we live in.  Charlton and Woolwich Riverside have an awful lot happening at the moment.  It’s an exciting place to be, with a great future if we get it right.”        Roden Richardson – Secretary, Charlton Society

Woolwich Riverside Ward Hustings – 7:30pm to 9pm on Sunday 11th May 2014 at St Thomas Church Hall, Woodland Terrace, SE7.

Charlton Hustings – 8pm to 9:30pm on Monday 12th May 2014 at Charlton House, SE7

Thinking of coming along? Going to give it a miss? Any thoughts on the format of the debate? Let us know in the comments below. You can also keep up with the Charlton Society on twitter (@TheCharltonSoc), and the Woolwich Riverside hustings has its own account there too (@RiversideWard14)

One thought on “Meet the candidates: hustings for Charlton and Riverside wards

  1. Chris May 3, 2014 / 13:46

    What a great move by the Charlton Society. Thanks to those concerned.

    I’ll be toddling along.

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