The White Swan needs you! (Yes, you)

White Swan
The White Swan: It sells Proper Job beer (which is very nice)

A few words from the team at The White Swan

“Calling all friends in Charlton who wanted to/might like to help us ‘Save The White Swan’…we have had some flyers printed and are asking you all to forward to as many friends as possible please. If you can share via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram we would really appreciate it as I am sure there are many people that don’t know about us.

“What would be really amazing would be for people to do a leaflet drop through neighbours houses… if you are keen/kind enough to do this then please let us know and we can cross your street off the map and not duplicate. Thanks so much!”

White Swan flyer

If you can help, call in and pick up some flyers. Running a pub isn’t cheap, and The Swan’s recently trimmed back its daytime opening hours (it now opens from 3.30pm Monday-Thursday, noon Friday-Sunday) since, frankly, hardly anybody used it then. It’s also due start showing some sport to drum up some new trade – it already showed international events from free-to-air TV, live football and rugby from BT Sport shouldn’t be any more obtrusive than the recent Six Nations coverage.

But we’d suggest that maybe there’s more you can do. How about getting a team together for the weekly quiz (8.30pm Tuesdays) or the monthly music quiz (8.30pm on third Thursday of the month)? Or if there’s an event or get-together you host, why not speak to the pub about having it there? (We have our own idea…)

Three years ago, a local campaign helped make the pub an asset of community value and convinced the current owners to take a punt on the place. And a successful Swan has potential to boost business in The Village as a whole. So pop into the Swan – and think of it as an investment in your neighbourhood.

PS. If you want to start tonight, there’s a tap takeover with Signature Brewery featuring beer and music from “London’s musically influenced breweries” – it starts at 6pm.

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  1. John Chapman March 31, 2017 / 13:47

    I thought the Swan was doing really well. Was I mistaken?

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