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Our campaign against changing the name of Charlton Lido to ‘Royal Greenwich Lido, Charlton’ continues to show real results. The News Shopper reports that a GLL spokeswoman has suggested that residents write to GLL using the mail address to suggest the name of the revamped facility, and confirmed that GLL’s preferred name is still ‘Charlton Leisure Centre and Lido’

Please consider writing to GLL with your preferred name – and let us know in the comments below what you’ve told them!

UPDATE 27th SEPTEMBER, 2013: Nearly a week in, and our campaign has gained more coverage than we had thought possible – thanks to everyone who’s signed the petition, RT’d our tweets, contacted the local press and councillors, and encouraged us along the way. It’s worth summarising some of the support we have as of today:

  • Clive Efford, MP for Eltham and Shadow Minister for Sport tweeted to praise GLL for rethinking the decision (see below)
  • Over 350 signatories to our petition to date.
  • Local councillors – including Cllrs Hayley Fletcher, Matthew Pennycook, Kevin Bonavia, and John Fahy – have tweeted support and signed the petition
  • The Charlton Society and Charlton Central Residents Association
  • Kidbrooke with Hornfair and Eltham Labour branches; Kidbrooke with Hornfair Conservative Party candidates.

Some press coverage from this week:

Charlton Mercury coverage - September 25 2013
Charlton Mercury coverage – September 25 2013
News Shopper coverage - September 25 2013
News Shopper coverage – September 25 2013

And some highlights from Twitter:

To repeat our message from earlier in the week, though, the decision’s not been finalised yet, so please: sign the petition, pass it on; and let us know what you think of GLL’s new proposal in the comments below Mr Sesnan’s.

UPDATE 24th SEPTEMBER 2013: Mark Sesnan, MD of GLL, has left this comment in our original post about the plans to rename Charlton Lido:

Dear Charlton Champion,

I am pleased to be able to inform your readers that GLL has discussed the naming of the Lido further with the Council and we have agreed that there needs to be more consultation as to what is the best name for the new facility.

GLL’s preference is now ‘Charlton Leisure Centre and Lido’, thus retaining Charlton in the name, but being clear that it is ‘more than’ just a Lido, but we are happy to hear other suggestions, however, as the owners and the people making the millions of pounds of investment and the organisation that actually has responsibility to make it work, GLL will of course make the final call on the name.

We very much appreciate the level of local interest in the Lido and hope that this will be reflected in patronage when we are fully up and running.

As soon as we have the relevant information we will let you know the plans for opening the new facilities in the new year and what date the pools will be back up and running in the Spring. Meantime, the pool will stay open until the end of October half term and a timetable leaflet is available at the Lido or on the web. Kids for £1 will run throughout this period.

Lets all look forward to a Charlton success story (in the Royal Borough of Greenwich – of course!).


Mark Sesnan
Managing Director
GLL (Greenwich Leisure Limited)

Many thanks to all who have supported our campaign asking GLL and Royal Borough of Greenwich to rethink their lido renaming plans – those who’ve signed the petition, RT’d our Twitter feed, spoken to their councillors, and so on – it’s clearly an issue that’s provoked strong feelings in SE7 and beyond. The decision’s not been finalised yet, though, so please: sign the petition, pass it on; and let us know what you think of GLL’s new proposal in the comments below Mr Sesnan’s.


Let’s tell the Royal Borough of Greenwich and GLL that our lido’s called Charlton Lido

As covered on this site recently, GLL plan to re-name our local lido as “Royal Greenwich Lido, Charlton”. We polled our readers and found over 75% rejected this new name; many commenters raised passionate objections to the idea and the way that GLL have pushed it without any local consultation.
Our new petition asks GLL and our councillors to reconsider:

Please sign it – and share it with your friends, family, and colleagues. Even if you’re not a lido user you might want to raise an objection to this loss of local identity (and who know what else our royal-obsessed council wants to rebrand next?).

We’ve seen from the success of the campaign to get a pedestrian crossing for Windrush School that this kind of campaign can have an impact – please give up a minute of your time to sign today!


With over 100 signatories in the first 24 hours since launch – and backing from representatives of all the main local political parties – it’s clear that the name change is very unpopular. The petition will be presented to the next full council meeting on October 30th. As well as signing the petition, you can help this campaign by asking a question at the council meeting; more details on how to do this are here.

Some of the comments left by people who’ve already signed:

Petition Comments

Some feedback on Twitter:

4 thoughts on “SIGN OUR PETITION – ‘GLL: It’s called Charlton Lido because it’s in Charlton!’

  1. David Gardner September 30, 2013 / 23:04

    Have just written this to GLL on “I would strongly recommend the name Charlton Lido although would be content with Charlton Lido and Leisure Centre.

    This is what it was called on opening in the then Charlton playing Fields in 1939 and has been called officially since although sometimes referred to locally as Hornfair Lido). It has never been Greenwich Lido and there is nothing Royal about it.

    IT is a matter of local Charlton pride and one of the pillars of Charlton. Parliament Hill lido has bot been renamed camden lido; Brockwell lido not renamed Lambeth Lido or Tooting Bec Lido renamed Wandsworth lido – yet all these places are broadly equivalent to Charlton – it is a nonsense to suggest that a name change will attract more punters. Good marketing, affordable rates and a great experience will do that. Charlton is a well known village and neighbourhood/community in its own right. The Charlton Athletic football Club alone attracts up to 27000 spectators – they can all find Charlton.

    Local people and amenity societies were amazed to see swimming tickets at the Lido printed as Royal greenwich Lido, then signs go up saying Royal Greenwich Lido. Nobody was consulted,

    We are very proud of our Lido and appreciative of the work done by the Council (especially Cllr Fahy) and GLL (especially Mark Sesnan) to revive and refurbish it as part of our Olympic Legacy. But this does not mean throwing away the great and proud heritage of the Lido or the struggle of so many of us to keep it going during the lean and challenging years.”

  2. Jessie Barnes October 8, 2013 / 21:11

    Let’s not re-invent the wheel, Charlton Lido (and leisure centre) would be a fitting name for the redeveloped sight. Won’t Greenwich eventually have it’s own state-of-the-art leisure centre with the new Vanbrugh Hill project? Or the Arches centre development? They can ‘large’ it up then surely.

  3. Jack October 15, 2013 / 13:16

    GLL have just taken over Cambridge Parkside Pool and Jesus Green Lido in the city and other facilities.They plan to demolish our Health Suite with its 2 saunas,steam room, jacuzzi etc and build a gym instead despite there being a gym next door and a gym in one of their other Cambridge sites and the HealthSuite being the only public one of its kind in the city. I found your story of no consultation beforehand and the closing of the Lido due to lack of funds, despite the promise in the Spring to have it open all year, very dispiriting; any ideas of how we can keep our Health Suite open and any publicity to shame GLL would be appreciated. Well done in your success making them listen. There should be a one stop place for all criticism of GLL / BETTER from all its sites because we all have stories of dissatisfaction, it seems.

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