The derelict mystery of Sutlej Road

Sutlej Road, Charlton
A couple of years ago, someone who’d had past connections with Greenwich Council asked what was going on with “that house in Sutlej Road”. Apparently, it’d been empty for a long time and had gained a bit of notoriety. I didn’t know anything about it and forgot all about it.

On Sunday, I was cycling along Sutlej Road… and there it was. So I took a very ropey picture of it. Clearly abandoned for many years, it’s an eyesore in what’s otherwise a quiet residential street. And with homelessness on the rise, it’s absurd that this place should be lying empty.

So what happened? Who owns it? What can be done to get this fixed up? Or will it take someone else to come in and do it illegally? Whatever, it does seem a mess.

6 thoughts on “The derelict mystery of Sutlej Road

  1. Suzanne February 5, 2013 / 08:32

    We actually live two doors along and did a registry search at one point and have contacted Greenwich council – but hit a brick wall. Apparently a couple owned it, who were taken into care by the council and they have since died. We’ve been on the road 15 years and its been empty since we’ve been there!

  2. Brenda February 5, 2013 / 14:35

    It gives me the creeps each time i go past it. Must really annoy you Suzanne to see it like that.

  3. Paul Webbewood February 5, 2013 / 16:33

    One of the local councillors lives in Sutlej Rd so Greenwich Council should be aware of the situation. I believe that the Council recently exercised its powers to make a compulsory purchase order on a house in similar condition in Spencer Gardens SE9 (on the main road between Eltham Station and the Town Centre.)

  4. Mary February 5, 2013 / 16:35

    First of all – I don’t know anything about the Sutlej Road house. However my own experience since I have been on the Council is to discover that these things are not easy. One of the first things I dealt with was a very very derelict house. Taking any legal action was difficult and the owner was prepared to fight it and apparently wanted to keep the building as it was. Another property had been casually sold to an unknown foreign company – and tracing them took a very long time. Both those properties are now family homes, but both took a lot of work by council staff.
    I am also aware of a house which looks totally derelict but in fact is lived in by its owner.

  5. Chris February 5, 2013 / 19:15

    Mary, re your last sentence, I must get the paint brush out…..

  6. nicola hayes February 26, 2013 / 00:24

    this has been likee this for over 15 years !!! janet gillman lives in that road, so maybe she could answer the question

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