Greenwich Council bungle renames Charlton’s Sutlej Road

Sutlej Road, 14 April 2015
“Lads, we need some new road signs for this street in Charlton – you know, we need to tell ’em we’re now a royal borough and all that. Can you sort that for me?”

“Of course, boss, what’s it called?”

“It’s called Sutlej Road. Runs between Marlborough Lane and Canberra Road.”

“How do you spell that, then?”

“It’s S-U-T-L-E-J.”

“Got that boss – leave us to it.”

“Good. And remember – it’s Royal Borough of Greenwich now.”

Sutlej Road, Charlton, 14 April 2015

(In case you were wondering, Sutlej is a river in the Punjab. Thanks to Adham Smart for the tip-off.)

The derelict mystery of Sutlej Road

Sutlej Road, Charlton
A couple of years ago, someone who’d had past connections with Greenwich Council asked what was going on with “that house in Sutlej Road”. Apparently, it’d been empty for a long time and had gained a bit of notoriety. I didn’t know anything about it and forgot all about it.

On Sunday, I was cycling along Sutlej Road… and there it was. So I took a very ropey picture of it. Clearly abandoned for many years, it’s an eyesore in what’s otherwise a quiet residential street. And with homelessness on the rise, it’s absurd that this place should be lying empty.

So what happened? Who owns it? What can be done to get this fixed up? Or will it take someone else to come in and do it illegally? Whatever, it does seem a mess.