Charlton Church Lane’s sinking feeling finishes

Charlton Church Lane

So, what happened at the top of Charlton Church Lane last week?

(Last with the news, I know…)

Michael asks: “Church lane has been closed for a few days and gossip tells me its from some subsidence somewhere between The Heights and the Church. Have you heard anything and is it severe or will it remain closed for a long time?”

Well, I’d heard nothing, but the street’s open now, buses are running along it and things should be back to normal for Monday morning’s commute. There’s some tell-tale clumps of brand new tarmac on the road now, so something must have happened. Anyone know any more?


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2 Responses to Charlton Church Lane’s sinking feeling finishes

  1. Chris says:

    Blimey, I should have tipped you off about this Darryl, I assumed you would be onto it sharpish. What a hopeless stringer I am.
    Anyway, TfL called it susidence, but essentially there was a smallish hole in the road with a vast area of nothingness beneath it. It looked like all the underfill (??) had been washed away. No way could it take buses or cars. The closure was necessary.
    I assume they’ve just bunged a bit of crap into the hole and re-surfaced it, but have they dealt with the problem that caused it? I doubt it.

  2. pg” alt=”” width=”425″ height=”600″ /> I am happy to report that I got power back on Friday and Internet on Saturday. The schools are open today and life seems almost normal again, yet if you take a ride or watch the news, you know things are anything but normal.

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