Charlton Lido: A bit of Charlton’s history is coming back

Behind all that rubble, something is stirring… but what exactly is happening with the redevelopment of Charlton Lido?

Well, the good news is that by all accounts, it’s on course to reopen next month after a number of years out of use. It’s now under the management of GLL, which runs Greenwich Council’s leisure centres and libraries, after an attempt to lease it out to a private consortium collapsed in 2010.

Full completion of the project is planned for 2013, when it’ll include a health and fitness centre and cafe, but for now, outdoor swimming during the Olympic summer will do.

The launch of the fantastic Charlton Parks Reminiscence Project website is a further reminder of what a fantastic local asset the the 73-year-old lido is, despite being neglected over recent decades.

As well as a few photos of the lido in the 1950s, the site also contains these notes about its history, alongside its surviving sister lidos at Brockwell Park, Herne Hill and Parliament Hill on Hampstead Heath. Just as Brockwell Park has been central to the revival of its local area in recent years, hopefully Charlton Lido will give its own neighbourhood a boost – and be the catalyst for further improvements to Hornfair Park.

If you’ve got memories of the lido, feel free to share them here – and what do you want to see at the new-look Charlton Lido when its gates open again?


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8 Responses to Charlton Lido: A bit of Charlton’s history is coming back

  1. Neil says:

    Has anyone seen an announcement on likely opening hours?

  2. John says:

    No announcement – but if you look at it gives opening hours for any given week. Click on the calendar icon (just below the map) to change the week on display, where helpfully days it’s open are in green. Looks like it’s open from the last week of July till the first weekend of September, 0600-2200.

  3. Hayley Fletcher says:

    I’m not sure about the heating but the re-opening of the Lido is exciting, sadly the prospects for the British summer aren’t!

    Best Lido memory. Hmm. Mine is being about 9 and visiting it with my friend, her brother and her mum and sitting soaking wet by the pool. That day I was also pushed into the deep end and, at the time, unable to swim so I found it terrifying. The Lido seemed so big back then but on my recent visit it seemed smaller even though it isn’t. I suppose everything is when you look back on it.

  4. Matt says:

    This excites me greatly. It wasn’t heated the last time I went, but a freezing cold lido is the perfect Sunday morning hangover cure.

  5. Chris says:

    You must be mad!

    Still, my wife has happy memories of days lazing in the sun on a blanket at the Lido. Remember when we had sun in the summer??!! (Shows you how long ago it was……!!)

  6. Jane says:

    Aah…happy memories of taking the littluns swimming there.
    Roll on the reappearance of unusual yellow object in the sky!

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