Sports day theme for Charlton’s annual Horn Fayre

Get your shorts on a week on Sunday…

After the success of 2011’s ‘holiday camp theme’ the annual Horn Fayre (whose origins date back to the middle ages) is back again to resurrect more happy memories with interactive games and social activities This summer’s event will be inspired by The Sports Day and the London Olympics. Remember the egg and spoon race, Ice cream relay, pram races and the obstacle course? The organisers of Horn Fayre 2012 also plan recreate competitions of yesteryear, including, knobbly knees and glamorous granny.
Also on stage ‘The Generation Game’. Get up, have a go and win a prize!

If you wish to participate in, Glamorous Granny, Knobbly Knees or Showcase please register your entry at Charlton House (020 8856 3951 /[at] Registration is free.

For more on the history of the Horn Fayre, read this post from Alan Palmer.

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  1. Paul June 15, 2012 / 08:11

    Fantastic if you like a cake!!

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