Looters ransack Charlton retail parks

The grimmest night in south-east London I can remember. Seeing masked youths swarming around the alleyway to Asda and the Greenwich Shopping Park felt inevitable, seeing discarded clothing wrappers across Victoria Way wasn’t. Looters’ cars racing up Victoria Way rammed it home – and no police in sight.

There’s been a lot of nonsense spread about tonight, both by social media and by broadcast media, including persistent rumours that Asda was on fire. A caller claimed on LBC a little while ago there were 500 looters at work and a police officer was run over by them. Did you see anything? If you saw anything in Charlton, please share it below.

One immediate consequence is the postponement of Tuesday’s League Cup match against Reading at The Valley.




4 thoughts on “Looters ransack Charlton retail parks

  1. Simon August 9, 2011 / 10:32

    It was grim last night – police engaged elsewhere with more serious stuff (poor Woolwich), so it took 4 hours to get to this scene. In that time we had looters running up and down the road, and cars (belonging to AFFLUENT people) loading up stolen goods and screeching up Victoria Way. Here’s a link to the video I took:
    Stay safe – but remember we mustn’t let these antisocial people win!

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