The Baguette opens in Charlton Village

There’s a new sandwich shop in The Village. ThePirateKing reports:

Was passing at lunch time and bought six sandwiches for the gang. All good. Prices v reasonable at £2.20 for a stuffed sandwich. Also things like scrambled eggs on toast for £2.50. Was busy and the staff and owner seemed a little overwhelmed, but am sure they enjoyed the trade. A very welcome addition to Charlton Village.

Anybody else visited yet? Any thoughts? From passing by earlier, it’s certainly added a bit of life to the village, and that’s only after being open for a day and a half…


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8 Responses to The Baguette opens in Charlton Village

  1. Brenda says:

    So there is hot food being served?

  2. Brenda says:

    Yes and that’s why i asked the question. I was told by another business owner in the village that they had been refused a hot food licence. Which i thought was odd/a shame.

    But Ill go and look myself at the weekend rather than get a sarky response.

  3. Matias bilder says:

    Coffee quality fail, the guys are Turkish. Desperately need good espresso in Charlton. Food maybe ok. Just want a decent coffee around here. Guess have to still go to Blackheath

    • Brenda says:

      Yes they used to own the little cafe opposite the station, before the builders accidentally knocked it down! Hopefully the coffee may get better? will try it out.

  4. Sam says:

    Wonder if this is the same Turkish family that tried and failed to open a decent coffee shop at the Blackheath Standard (where the barbers is now). They were also refused a hot food licence by Greenwich Council. Just what is Greenwich Council’s problem?! Charlton Village needs this kind of business imo.

  5. Annabelle Hadland says:

    The Baguette is a really nice cafe, good prices very friendly management.

  6. darren says:

    This is why shops do often struggle because people don’t find out the facts and start spreading rumors.
    Yes hot food is served here although not too much
    Yes they have a proper coffee machine here
    yes it’s nice
    friendly service
    and no I don’t work here.

    Why not actually go to this cafe and find out for yourselves then make your own judgement rather than listening to people that don’t know the facts and just want something to complain about.There’s already enough negativity in life these days without adding to it.

    Rant Over.

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