Calling all residents: The Charlton Riverside Action Group is formed

After various discussions between local residents, it’s been decided that a group of people should form to meet regularly to discuss and act upon issues concerning the northern part of Charlton.

The map below outlines the area the Charlton Riverside Action Group will be dedicated to. As you can see this is the SE7 postcode north of the railway track.

This doesn’t mean that the group is only for residents living within these boundaries. Any resident who lives in any part of Charlton, Woolwich, Greenwich or beyond is more than welcome to attend.

The group will cover varying issues. No doubt people would like to talk about the recent incidents in the retail parks. We will also be looking at the Thames Barrier visitor centrenew developments such as the Travelodge hotel, the Thames path, litter, traffic concerns and long term plans for the area.

A local resident recently spoke to a developer who now owns much of the land where the retail parks are situated. He has made it clear that he would appreciate input from the local community regarding its upkeep and future developments. We will hopefully be welcoming him to one of our meetings at a later date and would also welcome support from other landlords and local councillors (not just those from the two wards that this area straddles).

This initial meeting will be in early/mid September and will be held at either the Charlton Liberal Club or the Cattleya (Chu & Cho) restaurant depending on initial uptake.

More details will be posted on this blog and leaflets will be given out. Feel free to comment below on whether you are interested in attending and to share ideas.


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24 Responses to Calling all residents: The Charlton Riverside Action Group is formed

  1. Ashleigh marsh says:

    Good to see this community group for vital issues.

  2. Hi I have made a quick google map of the area shown above, I thought it might be a bit more useful than the static image above. It can be viewed here:,0.030255&spn=0.015552,0.043945

    Alternatively, I can supply the embed code if required?


    • Matt says:

      Very clever, thanks for that Simon. I tried to get the html code and insert it into the post but wordpress isn’t liking. Regardless, people can still look at your link. Thanks again.

      • Darryl says:

        Sorry Matt/Simon, should have responded to this sooner – sites like this don’t like embedded things very much, unfortunately. Stops us all making huge advertising fortunes off their free service.

  3. Excellent initiative. Living (just) within the area, am looking forward to getting involved.

  4. ned says:

    If you’d called it the Charlton Riverside Action Panel, I’d have signed up like a shot. Good luck with it though, I’d like to think the next generation of buildings at the retail park will be rather better laid out.

  5. Simon says:

    Good to see some positive responses. Any thoughts on the venue folks? I am looking forward to doing helping putting something back into the community where I am pleased to live … Simon

    • Matt says:

      Think we might be better off with Chu & Cho as it’s only our first meet. We won’t have to pay for it and it can accommodate quite a few if we do end up getting a decent number.

  6. Simon says:

    Just need a date for it now …

    • Matt says:

      Tuesday the 12th or Wednesday the 13th of September are good for me. Could do the week before as well.

  7. Simon says:

    Wed 13th better for me … how many people do you think we’ll get? Shall we invite our local councillors – Mary, Dick and the one we don’t know?

    • Charles Osiecki says:


      I live just outside the area but in charlton church lane.

      Would love to come along and support


  8. Linda says:

    Would love to attend – please give us time, date and venue.

  9. john Fahy says:

    I do hope Riverside Councillors will be included

    • Matt says:

      Thanks for your interest John, and to all others. Just to update everyone, we had a rather small and rushed meeting last week with one of the retail developers involved with Charlton retail park. However, we are due to be having a much larger meeting in November about Charlton riverside’s long term plans. There will hopefully be lots of different stakeholders in attendance and we’d like to see anyone and everyone come along. Will keep you updated on this blog. Pencilled in a date of November 2nd but this may change.

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  12. Matt says:

    Only just seen this blog so missed the mtg on 2/11/11. Very interested to get involved; I work in development so will be interested to see how I react to being on the other side of the fence! I have some thoughts/opinions as to the Sainsburys/M&S/Travelodge proposals but will do some further digging on LXB as they seem to be picking up a lot of real estate in the area. Whether they’re an asset-holding developer or more interested in develop+sell will perhaps point to their real aspirations of quality development. Redevelopment is generally good (when compared with scrubland/disused lots as is), but “settling for anything” is never appealing longterm.

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