The Guardian on ‘defiantly unfashionable’ Charlton

Cherry Orchard Estate

“Estate agents have started calling it Charlton Village.”

Hmmm. But for a series that’s usually written without ever setting foot into the place in question, the Guardian weekend magazine’s Let’s Move To… Charlton is unusually bang on the money.

Charlton has fine schools, magnificent views from its rolling hillside, great transport links to central London, leafy parks such as Maryon Wilson and, at its heart, what was once a Kentish village, with old church, ye olde pubbe, village green and a Jacobean stately home, Charlton House. Its little high street contains useful shops that in other, posher spots might have been turned into candle purveyors and poodle parlours. There is no Starbucks. Its homes are well built and affordable. Plus it has an (almost) restored lido. Heated water, too. Beat that, Blackheath.

Indeed, who needs Starbucks now there’s The Old Cottage Cafe and Brew & Choo? But what did the Guardian miss out? Share your thoughts…