Can you help Charlton’s White Swan fly?

White Swan disposal notice in Greenwich Time

A notice in this week’s Greenwich Time indicates that the White Swan’s current owners wish to sell the pub. The White Swan was listed as an Asset of Community Value after a successful campaign by the Charlton Society earlier this year; any community groups interested in bidding for the pub now have until 4th November 2014 to register their request to be treated as a potential bidder. Written confirmation should be sent by email to or by mail to the address listed in the notice above.

White Swan, 15 February 2014

We’re very keen to know if there are any groups with serious interests in bidding – or people interested in forming a group to make a bid. Let us know in the comments below – and let’s hope Charlton doesn’t lose another pub to the property developers.

(PS. Thanks to @TheCharltonSoc for drawing our attention to this on Twitter.)