What objects sum up Charlton’s history? Take part in a National Maritime Museum project

Stretcher fences
Stretcher fences in Marlborough Lane – a part of Charlton’s history

Historian RICH SYLVESTER would like a word about a project he’s working on with the National Maritime Museum – what object sums up Charlton’s history to you?…

We’re relaunching the History of Greenwich in 100 Objects project – and wanted to appeal for suggestions from Charlton !

You can see the pool of objects we have started with at hogblog.org – we invite your suggestions! What objects are in your area that tell of Charlton History ?

We have a great entry from the Charlton Athletic Museum: the Valley Party posters from the 1990 council elections.

But what else?

The Thames Barrier is possibly a little large – but we might have to accept one gate (Echo?)

The recycled air-raid stretchers used as fencing on Marlborough Lane?

The cherub feature on St Luke’s Church?

An item or feature from Charlton House?

Contact the editor with your suggestions at editor[at]hogblog.org.

Plus – join the Zoom sessions on 50 Objects of Greenwich from November 3rd at 7pm – five themed evenings looking at paintings, public art, and a discussion on “who are the history keepers?” Book at http://www.rmg.co.uk/greenwich50objects.


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