GDIF’s Mystery Bird comes to the streets of Charlton this Thursday evening

Mystery Bird
The Mystery Bird is coming to Charlton

If you’re one of those people for whom the Greenwich + Docklands International Festival always comes as a surprise each year, then you might be in for a bigger jolt this week – it’s coming to the back streets of Charlton this Thursday evening.

“Inspired by our increased awareness of nature, wildlife and birdsong during the long months of lockdown, this travelling installation in the form of a giant bird cage will roam the streets at dusk with a soundscape and video projections of birds, which will then be symbolically released to fly across the buildings, trees and landscapes of Charlton.”

“This eight-minute roaming show is primarily for local residents to view from their houses and streets.”

The Mystery Bird will be in Nigeria Road at 8.45pm, and Tallis Grove at 10pm.

It’s also in Plumstead tomorrow evening – more details on the GDIF website.

We wouldn’t normally cover an event at such short notice, and nobody at GDIF thought to tell us about it. (Otherwise we’d have told you about Family Tree, which took place at Charlton House over the weekend.)

While it’s remarkable and welcome to see the venerable festival – whose Borealis installation is attracting crowds in Greenwich – reaching out into the community, it’d be all the more effective if somebody thought to tell the same community about it in the first place.

(Got a community event coming up in Charlton? Drop us an email at charltonchampion.se7[at] Thank you.)


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