Charlton tram works: Do you recognise anybody in these old photos?

The works in June 1942

London’s trams went out of service 70 years ago, but there are still reminders of them in Charlton.

In 1952, the last trams were taken to a yard at Penhall Road to be cut up and destroyed – with some of the tracks still in place today.

At the other end of SE7 was the old Charlton tram works, where vehicles from all over London were taken for repairs and servicing. The man who ran the trams at the time, Aubrey Bell, is commemorated in the name of the small road leading to the old depot – Felltram Way.

The depot later became an Airfix factory before being demolished in the early 1990s, and the only clue left to its past is how the street widens at the entrance to the old works.

The works in February 1944

Transport enthusiast ANDREW FRY was browsing a secondhand stall in Dorset when he found some intriguing photos. He picks up the story…

Not too long ago I purchased a secondhand book, at a bus rally down here in Dorset, relating to London Transport and inside I found seven 1940s black-and-white photographs.

On the reverse each of the photos is stamped as being taken by The Topical Press Agency Ltd and three mention ‘Charlton Works’ which is why I then decided to search on Google.

It appears that this was the largest works for the London Transport tram network so it might be that descendants of those in the photos may still reside in your area and would be interested in having these photos.

If this is the case I will gladly send them, free of any charges, to any interested person or group.

If you’d like to get in touch with Andrew, email him at shottsford[at]

The site of the works today


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