Outdoor cinema: The Greatest Showman and Moana come to Charlton House in July

Outdoor Cinema Charlton House

The Extraordinary Travelling Film Show are bringing their pop-up cinema to Charlton and screening two popular films outdoors in Charlton House’s walled garden this July:

The walled garden at Charlton House

In other local film news, the 3rd annual Charlton & Woolwich Free Film Festival will take place September 7th-15th, in venues around the area; we’ve heard rumours that Charlton House and the White Swan pub will be involved again this year and are looking forward to hearing the full line-up. You can keep up to date with film announcements – and get involved with the festival – via their Twitter account.

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Charlton & Woolwich Free Film Festival 2017: get involved!

Last year's Charlton & Woolwich Free Film Festival included a screening of Shaun of the Dead at the White Swan pub
Last year’s Charlton & Woolwich Free Film Festival included a screening of Shaun of the Dead at the White Swan pub. Look closely and you’ll see one of the original cast in the audience!

The Charlton & Woolwich Free Film Festival, launched last year and run entirely by volunteers, is back for 2017 and the organisers have been in touch with details of their first planning meeting:

The Charlton and Woolwich Free Film Festival (CWFFF) is returning in 2017 for its second annual event. Launched in September 2016, the inaugural CWFFF programmed thirteen screenings and seven supporting events.  We had “The Third Man” at St George’s Garrison Church, the rain masking tears of nostalgia in the hardy audience; the weird and controversial “A Field in England” in Charlton House; and a zombie-interrupted “Shaun of the Dead” at the White Swan.

Matthew Pennycook MP introduced our screening of the troubling “Winter of Discontent” at the Blue Nile restaurant while the intrepid battled their way to Bunker51 for “Predator”.  Local filmmakers Select18 conceived a first rate festival ident and our short film festival attracted over 3,000 entrants. The under 5s took over Shrewsbury House on the Monday, by Friday we were seeking the Grail.

We had talks and performances by a local musician who was part of the 2012 Paralympic closing ceremony; a local director introducing and providing a fascinating Q&A of his Bollywood style documentary; a film  academic describing his love of film moments and a local writer and photographer team who gave a location walk and talk, a photo exhibition and an introductory talk to our inevitable screening of “Blow Up” at a packed Charlton House.

All this was done by volunteers.  Come along to our planning meeting to find out how they did it and how you can get involved this year.

All of you are well and truly welcome.  We are meeting on Wednesday 25th January at 7:30pm at Charlton House to start the planning.  Be part of the Charlton and Woolwich Free Film Festival 2017.

Website:   www.freefilmfestivals.org/filmfestival/charlton/

Twitter: @CWFilmFestival 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/CharltonWoolwichFFF

Instagram:   @charltonwoolwichfff

Predator screening at Bunker51
Predator screening at Bunker51