Charlton Conversations: Talk about new Anchor & Hope Lane development at Greenwich Yacht Club

Charlton riverside at the Thames Barrier
Charlton riverside at the Thames Barrier

We’re still waiting for news from Greenwich Council on its detailed plans to redevelop the Charlton Riverside – a consultation on a new masterplan was due earlier this year, is apparently due this month, but that’s what they’ve said before.

In general, we know from the previous masterplan and a recent land use consultation that the plan is to sweep away much of the area’s industry (and ultimately, some of the retail barns) and replace it with housing – completely changing the shape of the area in which we live.

The consquences of this faffing around are being felt by riverside businesses – such as the council being set to buy an old recording studio on Eastmoor Street, down by the Thames Barrier, because the building’s owner has served a notice on the council complaining that it is blighted by the council’s previous plans. (There’s more on this at From The Murky Depths.)

Developers aren’t waiting – they probably know what’s going on anyway. So a consultation begins this weekend on a 15-acre site off Anchor & Hope Lane and behind Atlas Gardens and Derrick Gardens. The developer here is Rockwell – which is also involved in the highly controversial cruise liner terminal at Enderby Wharf, east Greenwich.

It says

With exciting new plans for this neglected riverside area now well underway, it’s time for sensitive and visionary planning that will benefit residents and visitors. Part of Greenwich’s new economic and environmental strategy, the new urban community at Charlton Riverside will include new green landscaping plans, while improving access to the waterfront area and its stunning views.

The development of a new Barrier Park link to Maryon Wilson Park will be key in opening up new views of the river and its striking silver defences, while making cycling and walking in the area much easier and safer, improving access to river transport links, opening up choice for local residents and helping to attract visitors.

Those who live at Charlton Riverside will enjoy direct links to exciting new developments already underway at Greenwich Peninsula and Woolwich town centre. This focus on helping to build a community in harmony with its urban surroundings is a key focus for Rockwell.

The plans for Anchor & Hope Lane include a new public park as well as new homes. There’s an exhibition taking place over the next week, and a special website, Charlton Conversations.

Unfortunately, the exhibition isn’t actually in Charlton itself – it’s at Greenwich Yacht Club, at the end of Peartree Way in Greenwich.

You can see it tomorrow (Saturday 24 September) from 10am-4pm; Wednesday 28 September from 6.30pm-9pm; and Thursday 29th September from 4pm to 8pm.