Buses from Charlton to Greenwich town centre halved from today

Route 180 bus displaying its destination as Lewisham
One for the history books: the 180 to Lewisham is no more

It’ll be more difficult to take a bus from Charlton to the centre of Greenwich from today, with the rerouting of route 180 to North Greenwich station.

The route has plied the length of Woolwich Road for the past 70 years, but is being altered as part of changes brought in to coincide with the opening of the Elizabeth Line at Woolwich and Abbey Wood later this month.

Instead of running from Lewisham to the Belvedere industrial area, it will now run from North Greenwich to a new housing development at Erith Quarry.

The change will mean more buses to North Greenwich, but route 472 is being reduced in frequency at the same time and rerouted so it runs from North Greenwich to Abbey Wood. Morning rush-hour buses from Charlton station have also been scrapped.

Map of planned TfL changes
A map of the changes (click to expand)

Route 129, which runs from North Greenwich station to the Cutty Sark, has been extended to Lewisham as a partial replacement for the 180 beyond Greenwich, but at a reduced frequency of every 12 minutes.

Whereas both the 177 and 180 provided 12 buses per hour between Woolwich Road and Greenwich town centre, only the 177, with six buses an hour, will cover this section now. In the evening, the combined service drops from nine buses per hour to five.

The change was announced five years ago – when it was still believed that Crossrail would open in 2018 – but hopes of a rethink were dashed when the new 180 route started appearing on bus stops and journey planners at the end of last month.

Back in 2017, TfL, which is chaired by London mayor Sadiq Khan, said: “The 177 has sufficient capacity for the level of demand on this corridor. We will continue to keep this under review.”

Further details of what TfL is billing as an “improvement” can be found on its website.


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