What are those crosses for? Remember your loved ones with a church message at Lent

The cross outside St Thomas’ church in Woodland Terrace

Have you seen the big wooden crosses outside St Luke’s and St Thomas’ churches? REV LIZ NEWMAN, the rector of the Benifice of Charlton, explains why they are there, and how you can use them to remember loved ones you have lost.

In both St Luke’s and St Thomas’ churchyards, large rough wooden crosses have appeared. During this season of Lent, we invite members of the community to share with us a loss you’ve suffered over the last year. It could be the name of a person who has died or something else you’ve been mourning. We’ll hang your messages on the cross. Please email your messages to: lentmessages[at]netarts.co.uk

Last Christmas the churches hosted “greetings trees”, on which people’s messages were placed.


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