Fenced-off Charlton Park crossing will be fixed, Greenwich Council says

Charlton Park Road
Can’t cross here

Fencing which has blocked off an important road crossing between Charlton Park and Maryon Wilson Park for months will be removed, Greenwich Council has said.

The plastic obstructions have been in the way of pedestrians on Charlton Park Road since the autumn; they were even captured for posterity by Google Streetview’s cameras last October.

While able-bodied pedestrians are able to dodge the barriers, those with disabilities or who are less nimble have been left unable to cross the road at the point. The crossing is part of the Green Chain Walk route from the Thames Barrier towards Oxleas Woods.

Charlton Park Road
The Green Chain Walk’s missing link

Greenwich Council says its teams were building a zebra crossing, but work had to stop because the pandemic held up supplies of equipment and the crossing had to be fenced off for safety reasons.

However, it says the crossing will be finished soon. A spokesperson told The Charlton Champion: “Works to the zebra crossing were halted as parts needed for its completion were affected by supply chain issues due to the pandemic. The poles and other materials were completed last week and we will install the beacon operations as soon as possible. The barriers will still need to be in place until the beacons are fully operational for safety reasons.”


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