Charlton Park’s Old Cottage Cafe is back – the big local opening we can all get behind

Old Cottage Cafe
The Old Cottage Cafe won’t be shut for much longer

The Old Cottage Cafe in Charlton Park reopens at 11am on Thursday, less than two weeks after it was trashed by burglars who made off with takings and the cafe’s till.

More than £6,700 has been raised by customers to get the cafe back on its feet after the theft, with neighbours rallying round to help the business pick up the pieces.

Thursday’s new start at the Old Cottage Cafe won’t be the biggest opening in the area that day – a certain furniture store is seeing to that – but it will be one that at least the whole community can get behind.

What’s more, if fears of traffic carnage are correct and Ikea does snarl up the traffic on Saturday, at least you’ll have somewhere to go to hide from frustrated drivers.


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