Charlton Village Action Plan to launch with public meeting this Saturday

Charlton Village
The Charlton Society has a plan to rejuvenate Charlton Village

The Charlton Society has launched an 18-point action plan to turn around the fortunes of Charlton Village – and is holding a public meeting on Saturday to discuss its ideas.

The Charlton Village Action Plan sets out proposals for traffic, buildings and the street scene to make the area more attractive for businesses and residents.

Last year, the Charlton Village conservation area was branded “at risk” by Historic England, with the agency warning that its condition was “deteriorating”.

The meeting will be held at the Grand Salon in Charlton House at 2.30pm on Saturday 20 January.

Proposals include: introducing traffic calming measures and making The Village a 20mph zone (worth noting that 20mph is now a standard speed limit in other south London boroughs); improving the two service roads behind The Village together with car parking; providing “welcome” signage; surveying property ownership and empty homes above shops; creating a market space outside The Baguette and Village Green Grocers; and improving street furniture and pavements.

Take a look at the full action plan and feel free to leave your thoughts below.

3 thoughts on “Charlton Village Action Plan to launch with public meeting this Saturday

  1. Paul Breen January 16, 2018 / 19:12

    The village needs a good cafe for a start along the lines of the excellent one in Charlton Park. But regeneration should also start from the station up to invite or encourage people into the village. Why not, for example, do something to replace that eyesore shadow of a former bank sign above what is now a Chinese restaurant? Why not put up some kind of ‘Welcome to Charlton’ sign. The Council could afford wooden blocks like big Lego pieces to welcome people to Eltham so why not Charlton. This would help places such as The Cataleya and The Liberal Club, for example, which would both do really well if they were further up the hill in The Village. Christmas lights would be cosmetic but would definitely be another positive start because this year they were embarrassing compared to Woolwich, Eltham and Greenwich. Regarding the ‘tramps and drunks’ comment in the plan, we must avoid hypocrisy because as the recent anti-gyspy legislation in the borough shows there is a considerable element of NIMBY hypocrisy in Council legislation. Very often the same people who don’t want the alleged ‘tramps and drunks’ within their own view are quite happy to have them pushed into the margins where they can feel comfortable about doing something to help them whilst not having to look at them. Maybe we could open some sort of facility that would help them and give them an alternative to the back of the Co-Op and stop them from being ‘tramps and drunks.’ Also there is a need for more youth facilities such as the Skate Park which has been a success and has helped the economy of the area according to most reports. But any process of improvement in the Village has to be welcomed. To see the impact change can have in a short time we only have to look at the success of The White Swan after all in being transformed from a place where the aforesaid ‘tramps and drunks’ (not my words) may have socialised to a vibrant community hub that is still not fully utilised to the extent that it deserves. Let’s get more of the Swan and Skate Park spirit in Charlton and we are on the way to creating a more positive future!

  2. CDT January 16, 2018 / 21:01

    I think Charlton Village could do with an independent butchers and or bakers to compliment the Village Green Greengrocers and Tudor Rosette Florist to give Charlton Village a more village feel. Also perhaps an independent Ladies Boutique (Ladies Wear) to compliment the independent Gentleman’s Outfitters. We have a decent cafe in Charlton Village located next to the Greengrocers close to the Summer House which is ideal for visitors. The Summer House could be used for local community events and to promote local businesses in Charlton. Or allow local artist in the Borough to show their paintings pottery and other arts and crafts for example.

    The area behind the CO-OP would benefit from upgrading. Fletching Road would also benefit from Improved brighter street lighting as would the other service roads behind Charlton Village,

    Charlton Village itself would benefit from a welcome to Charlton Sign and an upgrade to the street furniture to a more village feel. Possibly with street lighting like that recently installed around Blackheath Village and similar to the street lighting in the grounds to the front of Charlton House.

  3. CDT January 18, 2018 / 21:13

    I am still thinking about this, with regard to the empty shops in Charlton Village and returning Charlton Village to a more of a village feel. What Charlton Village is really missing is its Post Office, It would be good to see the Post Office back perhaps has part of an another business kike old fashioned sweet shop were sweets are sold from jars.

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