Coming down: Rockwell’s 28-storey Charlton tower cut to 10 storeys

Rockwell's plans included a 28-storey tower close to Charlton station
Coming down… this 28-storey tower has now been taken out of Rockwell’s plan

Developer Rockwell is to remove plans to build a 28-storey tower off Anchor & Hope Lane from its proposed Charlton Riverside development, it has emerged.

The firm had hoped to put up nine buildings ranging from two to 28 storeys on the old British Ropes site off Anchor and Hope Lane , providing 975 homes with retail, community and leisure facilities.

But now the company is revising its scheme to cut the buildings down to 10 storeys, which means it would fit in with Greenwich Council’s recently-adopted Charlton Riverside Masterplan.

It would also cut the number of new homes to 771. It is not known how many would be for social rent or “affordable” – the previous scheme had just 13% “affordable” homes.

The announcement was made at a “stakeholders’ forum” of representatives from residents’ and amenity groups last week and tweeted by council deputy leader Danny Thorpe.

The Charlton Champion emailed Rockwell’s representatives seeking clarification on the plan, but did not get a response. A new planning application is expected soon.

5 thoughts on “Coming down: Rockwell’s 28-storey Charlton tower cut to 10 storeys

  1. Andrew Donkin December 4, 2017 / 12:18

    How does the maths work on those figures, Darryl? The height is cut by nearly two thirds (65%) from 28 floors to 10, but the number of units only reduces by 975 to 771 (a reduction of 21%.) Do the units just get much smaller?

    • helenjakeways December 5, 2017 / 11:25

      I was (one of the very few) at the “stakeholders forum” last week and apparently there will be more than one 10 storey tower. Number and exact locations yet to be specified, as is the % of social / affordable housing.

      • ThePirateKing December 5, 2017 / 11:55

        Ah, so more shorter towers is how they will keep the numbers of units up. Thank you.

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