Fairview trims Victoria Way development but keeps 10-storey blocks

40 Victoria Way design
The plan includes two 10-storey blocks next to the railway line

Plans for new homes on the remainder of the old Thorn Lighting site on Victoria Way have been revised, cutting the number of dwellings from 341 to 330.

But developer Fairview New Homes still plans to build 10-storey blocks on the site, which has caused anxiety among residents who live close to the proposed scheme.

Fairview submitted the plans back in June, but has now changed its proposals following discussions with Greenwich Council planning department.

40 Victoria Way application

It says 35% of the new homes will be “affordable”, while a nursery and business space have also been added to the scheme.

The changes are, according to the planning documents:

  • 330 new dwellings, including 35% affordable homes – tenures and mix as previously ‘agreed’ with RBG Planning Policy, namely 77 rented (including 29 family rented units) plus 37 intermediate /shared ownership.
  • New D1 Nursery building at approx. 439m2, with a potential child capacity of 125 children depending on ages and up to 22 staff / jobs – based on DfE / OFSTED requirements.
  • A new dedicated B1 employment building – building ‘A’ at 999m2 (GIA) of open-plan flexible floor-space, suitable for SME workspace, with a capacity of approximately 85 FTE roles. A combined potential employment offering of approximately 107 jobs.
  • Design improvements to the ground floor layout and elevations along Victoria Way and the internal ‘Avenue’
  • Increase provision of 3-bed family units to 89, bringing the percentage to 27%.

40 Victoria Way proposal
View up Victoria Way taken from the original application
40 Victoria Way scheme
View from Gurdon Road, taken from the original application
Victoria Way scheme
The tall block can be seen in this view from Fossdene School

The scheme can be found by searching for reference 17/1795/F on Greenwich Council’s planning pages. Comments need to be in by 13 December.

7 thoughts on “Fairview trims Victoria Way development but keeps 10-storey blocks

  1. Philip November 27, 2017 / 07:39

    All of the renditions submitted don’t show the 10 story buildings. It’s like estate agents with photos that lie.

  2. Jonathan November 27, 2017 / 09:20

    A nursery is a good idea but there’s no playground or other facilities for locals.

  3. John November 28, 2017 / 00:05

    35% ‘affordable’ (ie 80% of market rent) isn’t as low as some, but it’s no surprise that there’s no social rented housing whatsoever.

  4. Beverley November 30, 2017 / 16:06

    The developers of the block of flats currently under construction on the corner of Gallions Road, opposite Sainsburys, were refused planning permission in 2015/16 to build a 10 storey block, as it was deemed out of scale and keeping with the surrounding houses. They were eventually given planning permission to construct an 8 storey block. Concerned residents in Victoria Way might like to ask Greenwich Council why they applying different rules barely 100 yards away. Charlton Residents Association may be able to assist, as it was they who lodged the objection.

    • Jonathan November 30, 2017 / 16:30

      Speculating here but I think that 10-storeys by the Sainsbury’s in a flat area would be more of a sore thumb than this tall block. I think that the hill behind them and the fact there will be other taller buildings nearby, as seen in the shot from Fossdene school, makes me think that’s probably why.

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