CANCELLED: Quiz Greenwich & Woolwich’s general election candidates at Charlton Community Hustings on Sunday 4 June

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UPDATE 4 June: Today’s planned general election hustings at Charlton Assembly Rooms have been cancelled following last night’s murders at London Bridge and Borough Market. 

The snap general election might make you want to dig a hole in the garden and bury yourself for the next seven weeks. But when polling day’s in sight, you might have a different view.

After all, there’s a lot riding on this one…

So we’re pleased that the Charlton Community Hustings team have moved quickly, pulled some strings, and got the candidates for Greenwich & Woolwich to make their pitches to you, the voter, in the flesh. Come and see them smile, squirm and squabble at Charlton Assembly Rooms at 2.30pm on Sunday 4 June.

The event is being held by the Charlton Society in conjunction with the Charlton Central Residents’ Association, Charlton Parkside Community Hub and the new Valley Hill Hub.

“The hustings held for the 2015 general election were standing room only, and although we weren’t expecting to have another one quite so soon, we are delighted that Matthew Pennycook, the sitting MP for Greenwich and Woolwich and the other candidates have agreed to join us,” says Charlton Society chair Carol Kenna.

“I’m also delighted that this event is being run under a community umbrella including not just the Charlton Society but also our neighbours in the CCRA and our two local digital community hubs, Charlton Parkside and Valley Hill.

“I hope the voters of Charlton will turn out in great numbers to question the candidates in this important election.”

But who will the candidates be? At the time of writing, we just have Labour’s incumbent MP Matt Pennycook and Liberal Democrat challenger Chris Adams in place. Brexit will be the main beef here, with Pennycook currently a shadow minister for leaving the European Union and so a target for a party hoping to mop up anti-Brexit votes.

Update Friday 12 May – The full list of candidates for Greenwich and Woolwich:  Chris Adams (Liberal Democrats), Caroline Attfield (Conservatives), Daniel Garrun (Green), Matthew Pennycook (Labour).

If you’re in the very south-east of Charlton – south of Charlton Park, east of Indus Road – you’ll get a very different election thanks to an eccentric boundary; the close fight for the marginal seat of Eltham. Labour incumbent Clive Efford will face a challenge from the leader of Greenwich Council’s Conservatives, Matt Hartley in a contest that’s bound to get some wider attention. David Hall-Matthews will be flying the Lib Dem flag there.

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