Charlton church’s winter night shelter gets council grant

St Thomas church

A winter night shelter at a Charlton church has been given a £500 grant by Greenwich Council as it opens its doors for the first three months of the year.

The shelter at St Thomas Church opened its doors for the first time this winter last Friday. It operates one night each week until March, providing up to 15 homeless people with a hot shower, an evening meal, a warm place to sleep and breakfast, as well as a packed lunch to take away.

Other Greenwich borough churches take part on other nights of the week to provide a volunteer-run service throughout the week during the coldest months of the year. We covered the St Thomas project last year.

Now St Thomas has been given £500 to help cover its costs.

The grant comes out of the ward budget fund, where each council ward has access to a pot of cash to help community groups. Woolwich Riverside ward councillors Barbara Barwick, John Fahy and Jackie Smith put the shelter forward for funding.

With temperatures dropping and snow expected later today, if you know of anyone sleeping rough, you can contact to ensure they are offered help and advice.


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7 Responses to Charlton church’s winter night shelter gets council grant

  1. MiceElf says:

    Excellent decision, the volunteers at St Thomas’ have worked so hard and energised the local community to support this project.

  2. Peter Cordwell says:

    Disgusting that this has to happen in Tory Britain. You would think it was 1917 instead of 20.
    The hope is, of course, that the innate goodness of the British people – look at how we always respond to global crises – will send the heartless Tories packing in the next general election. I know that some of the Tories in Greenwich are decent people, so let’s hope they look into their consciences as homeless people freeze on the streets.
    Over in Lewisham we have run our own mini-foodbank for the last couple of years in Kingshurst Road (we’re moving soon but intend to do the same at our next address if anyone is interested) where our neighbours donate food anonymously every week to a church in Kidbrooke and another in Sidcup.
    It would be great if someone followed suit in Greenwich. Just put out a wheely-bin for contributions and make contact with a Trussell Trust church. It’s a heartening exercise in these dark times and as the volunteers at St Thomas know, we need to do God’s work more than ever.

  3. shirlaine Williams says:

    Somehow its not enough money and its really only for one night 🌃!!!!!!😒😠

  4. sarah davidson says:

    Why one night in this weather it should be open every night

  5. charltonlane says:

    It’s one night a week and ither churches in the area cover the other nights….

  6. Peter Cordwell says:

    Best not to criticise. Best to join in.

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