Got an old cycle to sell? Try Thorntree school’s bike market

A message from Paul Chapman of The Friends of Thorntree Association:

Thorntree Primary School will be hosting a pop-up bike market on Wednesday 16th March between 3pm and 5pm, and Charlton residents are welcome. Run by Peddle My Wheels, the bike market is focussed on recycling unwanted or unused bikes, and at getting people enjoying cycling and the health benefits that comes with it.

So if you have a bike gathering rust in your shed or garage, or you are fed up with buying brand new bikes for your kids that they grow out of within the year, or both, then why not come along.

The Peddle My Wheels website explains how it all works:

08:00-09:30 – Adults drop off bikes for selling (bring photo ID please!) and we tag them with their details. These are added to the selection of bikes we bring.

09:30-15:00 – A mechanic checks every bike and makes minor repairs where necessary and then sellers contacted with valuation.

15:00-17:00  – The market opens for people to buy bikes. We accept credit cards and cash (we will stay an extra hour upon request to accommodate working parents with children in after school club).

Next day – sellers notified of sales. Payments will be made within 2 working days of sale via bank or PayPal transfer.

Unsold bikes can be collected anytime on the day or we take them and sell at other markets (25% commission charge in these instances). The bike can be dropped off, and bought, in the lower playground, at the junction of Pound Park Road and Thorntree Road (just opposite the deer enclosure at Maryon Wilson Park).

Co-ordinated by the Friends of Thorntree Association, the bike market is not a fund-raising event but a few parents have already indicated they will make a donation if their bike sells. FOTA is raising funds for new school equipment so if anyone else who sells a bike wishes to make a donation it will be gratefully received. And thanks are due to Thorntree Head Ms Fenwick for letting FOTA and Peddle My Wheels commandeer a section of the Lower Playground for the day!

This video gives a good overview of how the markets work and the benefits involved:

Hope to see you, and plenty of bikes, tomorrow!