Give Windrush Charlton school a crossing patrol

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You might have seen that the old Holborn College site on Woolwich Road has now become a primary school, Windrush Charlton.

Unfortunately, and incredibly, the kids there haven’t been given a school crossing patrol – despite the fact that it sits on a dual carriageway that sees some pretty poor driving at the best of times.

Ed Simmons’ petition hopes to change that – and is well worth your support.


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6 Responses to Give Windrush Charlton school a crossing patrol

  1. Barbar says:

    Definitely need a crossing closer to the school, the amount of parents running across the road with children is horrifying.

  2. Rejory says:

    On a side issue, it says carved in stone above the main entrance ‘Maryon Park School’. It does seem a bit strange to not have called it that instead of Windrush?

  3. Rejory says:

    PS as I originally meant to say I totally support the need for a crossing!!

  4. Maggie says:

    When it was Maryon Park Secondary Boys (ie a Secondary Modern, as they called them) my mum was a dinner lady and would have served food to a young Jim Davidson. One for the Old Boys Club? Anyway, rather than just help in crossing (which I agree they need now) shouldn’t we reconsider that dreadful dual carriage way which makes the whole road a speedway. Priority for pedestrians.

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