Two Olympic closures planned for Woolwich Common

Traffic will be banned from crossing Woolwich Common via Ha Ha Road for two periods this spring and summer as it gets ready to host the shooting events at the London Olympics.

The road will be closed at the Charlton Park Lane junction from 7 July to 19 September, to allow it to become part of the Olympic and Paralympic venue which is currently under construction.

But it will also be shut from 15 April to 7 May for the ISSF World Cup, a test event expected to attract more competitors than the shooting contests at the Games.

Unlike some of the other Olympic test events, no tickets are going on sale for the ISSF World Cup, which will give Olympics organisers the chance to finesse their plans for the temporary venue. LOCOG recently took control of the site from the Olympic Delivery Authority.

Repository Road, which runs through Woolwich barracks, will also be closed to traffic for several hours each day while the site is operational, and bus route 486 is to be diverted via Cemetery Lane and Charlton Park Lane.

Some 3,000 people are expected to attend the events at Woolwich Common each day, and they will be directed to an entrance at the eastern end of Ha Ha Road, at the junction of Grand Depot Road. The junction with Charlton Park Lane will be used as an access point for athletes and staff, in an arrangement agreed with Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Some parking spaces on Charlton Park Lane, which is part of the Olympic Route Network, will be relocated onto the pavement.

As well as the shooting event, Woolwich Common will also play host to the Paralympic archery competition. Changes to parking arrangements will be made across a wide area, with parking bays requiring free permits to deter Olympic visitors from driving to the venues.

Meanwhile, Charlton station will see shuttle buses leave for the O2 – rechristened the North Greenwich Arena for the Games – every four minutes during gymnastics and basketball events. The shuttles are not expected to interfere with the current 486 service, although it is not expected that ordinary commuters will be able to use them.

The busiest days for the North Greenwich Arena are expected to come at the beginning of the gymnastics contest, with 16,000 spectators due on 28 and 29 July for each of three sessions. The rest of the O2/NGA will function as normal during the Olympics, although visitors will have to use one of 43 search lanes to be installed in Peninsula Square before they can access the bars, restaurants and cinema.

Further details on the North Greenwich Arena plans, as well as parking across the wider area, can be found at an exhibition at Ravensbourne college, behind North Greenwich station, on Friday between noon-8pm and Saturday between 10am-4pm.


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8 Responses to Two Olympic closures planned for Woolwich Common

  1. jak0208 says:

    who knows where to park and not to park around charlton prk greenbay prince henry charlton dene hornfair rd letters going around cant park in own street where can one find out

  2. Ashleigh says:

    So the Olympics’ll be used to introduce controlled parking zones…

  3. jak0208 says:

    not the response wanted your the champion with your contacts tell us who will need permits or not you know about skate park only helps a few people (kids) this parking no good to anyone if you cant find out what it means to us [horn fair park} don’t call your self our champion we need facts or shut this site down

  4. Darryl says:

    I would tell you (there’s actually a link in the post) but if you’re going to be rude, you can piss off instead.

  5. Tom Smyth says:

    Access to Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woolwich, especialy emergencies, will be severely affected by the Olympics events, road closures and restricted parking will make life difficult for many of the local population. “Who on Earth allowed for all this mess to to get past planning permission” ? “Where were the MP’s and local councillors, Asleep.” ?

  6. Does anyone know when we will get Woolwich Common back? The footpath is still closed.

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