Wasteland targeted for new community garden

A piece of Charlton scrubland currently used for dumping litter could be turned into a community garden. Charlton resident, Judy Wolfram, has set her sights on the land behind Our Lady of Grace School and opposite Highcombe allotments.

Anyone interested in hearing more about the proposal should go to the open meeting on Monday 6th February at St Richard’s Hall in Swallowfield Road at 7.30pm.

The land was once the playing field for the old St Austin’s school, which became Christ the King sixth form college, before it moved to Lewisham in the early 1990s. The school site was sold for housing, but the old playing field is owned by the Catholic Diocesan Board for Education and has stood empty for nearly 20 years.

Judy hopes that an interim committee can be established at this meeting that can begin the task of obtaining the land.

People will also be welcome to share their visions for the space and discuss what features the garden should have. They’ll be looking at what start-up costs are needed and the level of security required.

There’s also the option of involving local schools and groups. At least one primary school in the area has already shown an interest in integrating the garden into their curriculum.

So, if you can give up a little time or just excited at the prospect of a community garden – pop along.


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4 Responses to Wasteland targeted for new community garden

  1. I understand that the allotment holders have been agitating for years to get use of this land so that they can set up more allotments, but have found it impossible to get any response from the landowners. Good luck to Judy and the group, I hope that they make headway with this initiative.

  2. Nina pascall says:

    Hello there,
    I am a local resident and parent and i am very interested in supporting this. Unfortunately I couldn’t attend the meeting week, but if there is anyway I can get involved please do contact me.
    Many thanks

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  4. Rejory says:

    As far as I am aware, the long term aim for this land is as new primary school buildings for Our Lady of Grace which is currently sited on the Charlton Road at the top of the site. The plan would be then to develop the old site as housing.
    I personally think this would be a sad loss of green space and potential amenity even though my children attend the school with its rather outdated buildings.
    It is shocking how the land now is semi-abandoned.
    It could at the very least be used as playing fields but of course that would hamper any development, hence the lack of contact I suspect.

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