Charlton Rail Users Group – have your say on Southeastern

It’s the next meeting of the Charlton Rail Users Group on 23 November at the Liberal Club on Charlton Church Lane – come along and get the woeful state of Southestern off your chest. Someone from the company is due to be there, along with local councillors and a representative from London Travelwatch.

CRUG scored a success earlier this year when plans to cut rail services through Charlton during the Olympics were reversed – other local stations, sadly, were less lucky.

That Olympics service promises to be high on the agenda, as well as the cleanliness of the station, the unpredictability of where trains will stop on the platform, and – I’m sure – the current mysterious problem with trains regularly running short of coaches. Come along and have your say from 7pm.

Incidentally, there’s just two trains an hour from Charlton today, once again – all via Lewisham – thanks to mysterious engineering works. There’s also no DLR service at all. I’d get the Tube from North Greenwich if I were you.

To get you in the mood, I’ve discovered a video that will either induce feelings of cosy nostalgia, or will have you nodding off in seconds. Did you know we have the closest level crossing to central London?

9 thoughts on “Charlton Rail Users Group – have your say on Southeastern

  1. Marco November 13, 2011 / 09:11

    The lottery of where the train will stop along the platform is one of my pet annoyances.
    We all guess, then often end up scampering up or down the platform as the beeping from the doors adds to the anguish.
    If there’s more than one person with luggage or a push chair it gets even more stressy when they block the runners.
    Surely it must be possible to assume you’d have a fair chance of getting on the train if you wait by the covered area?
    Apparently not.

  2. Simon November 13, 2011 / 09:59

    Sadly I can’t be there. However I am sure you will all raise the issues that bother us all. If TfL do turn up then if someone could raise the points about the Anchor and Hope junction and routing the A206 along the dual carriageway Bugsby’s Way, as raised at the Charlton Riverside Action Group, that would be great.

  3. charles November 13, 2011 / 14:45


    I have to run for the train depending on how many coaches it has and this is year 2011. Gosh and after all the money spent modernising the service.


  4. Mary November 13, 2011 / 19:15

    Level crossing – I assume you mean the Charlton Lane one – but of course Charlton has another not-very-level crossing even closer to central London.
    Hope to be at the meeting anyway – and my visitor today from West London has a pretty dreadful journey here with no info en route to tell him about all the closures.

  5. Charlton Lane Dave November 13, 2011 / 22:37

    CRUG? Couldn’t we find another substitute for Group that began with *D?* Joking aside, I am heartened to see locals speaking up for themselves. If Blackheath can manage to get every service in Kent diverted to improve their options, I don’t see why we can’t. agitate for better. There’s nothing more demoralising that seeing a half-empty “fast” train creeping through Charlton in the morning when there are dozens of desperate passengers waiting. they even get caught at the signals but the drivers aren’t allowed to open the doors.

  6. Chris November 14, 2011 / 12:29

    Darryl – what an absolutely spiffing video.

    The fact that there are people around who will go to all the trouble to make something like this makes me proud to be British.

    I think.

  7. Ashleigh February 12, 2012 / 01:49

    When’s the next meeting, please?

  8. Chris Fribbins July 30, 2012 / 15:24

    contact details required for Charlton Rail Users’ Group

    Chris Fribbins – Railfuture

  9. mlperryman July 31, 2012 / 12:04

    Can you let me know when the next meeting is please. Thanks.

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