’40 Victoria Way’ development – see exhibition here

Last week I mentioned a public exhibition of proposals to alter the planned development at the old Thorn Lighting site off Fairthorn Road – or “land at rear of Victoria Way” in planning parlance. This is a slightly squashed site between a storage warehouse (on Victoria Way), Gurdon Road, the Charlton-Westcombe Park railway line and the A102.

In case you couldn’t make it up there, here’s the exhibition boards so you can see the plans for yourself. The main proposal is to incorporate 20 family homes into the site, with gardens backing onto those in Gurdon Road. To compensate, the blocks of flats will be bigger, and Fairview New Homes still wants to have 160 car parking spaces.

Download the exhibition boards here (3.2MB PDF)

There’s also a feedback form which is due to be returned by 14 November, although I’m sure you can also just email Pavitar Mann at Curtin & Co (pavitarm[at]curtinandco.com) with your thoughts on the new plans.

This is all ahead of a formal planning application, which will be submitted to Greenwich Council early next year. The last scheme on the site was initially refused by Greenwich, but then allowed by a planning inspector. I’m sure the local councillors for the site would also be interested in what you think.


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4 Responses to ’40 Victoria Way’ development – see exhibition here

  1. Mary says:

    Darryl – the planning history is much more complicated than that. The original planning application was refused by the Council and went to the Government Inspectorate who upheld the refusal. Without looking at the papers I can’t.remember exactly what the Inspector’s judgement was but there were some comments made – I think about the suitability of the site for housing. Bizzarely by this time the site was apparently being shown on Google Earth as if it was already built. Eventually the developer put in another application, which was again refused, the Council stressing heavily how near housing would be to the motorway – and again it went to the inspectorate who this time allowed the developer to go ahead. So – we now have a new developer and a new plan.
    This is a very large site – much larger than the bit this application is for – and most of it is difficult to see locked in between rows of housing and the main line railway, and on a third side up against the motorway and the Angerstein Railway.
    For those interested it was the site of the Johnson and Phillips electrical engineers – and who remembers their oval cable tower which dominated Victoria Way. (I have lots of pictures – thanks Dot)
    Personally I am impressed with the group of residents who have stuck with this over several years, who have attended and spoken at all the planning meetings and enquries.

  2. Rejory says:

    I think this could be an important site for local enterprise/employment or other on residential use.

  3. James says:

    Just been researching the local area’s history and came across these plans. Having grown up in the area and now living on the other side of the railway in the Bernard Ashley Drive complex i think this idea is terrible. This location, as stated, is far too squashed in against roads, rails and other houses. I agree with Rejory – create some small business space here for locals that could inspire some enterprise for the area!

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